Wet n Wild Megalast: Undercover

 This is another Megalast polish I picked up recently. I’m unsure how available this Wet n Wild line is because I haven’t seen it at every Walgreen’s I’ve been to. But I’m sure they are easy enough to find.

I picked this color because it’s one that I wouldn’t normally choose. But for the small price tag, I told myself to get something different. This line is mostly neutral cremes that seem pretty awesome, I’ve picked up a couple of them. The bottles are also nice and sleek, but contain slightly less than the average polish. They have .3 FL Oz.

Dusty rose. Slighty less pigmented and saturated than in photo.

Undercover is sort of a dusty rose color. It’s muted and not too saturated. It also has some tan or brown undertones in it. I could actually see a lot of people liking this color. I feel like any “rose” color has its fair share of people who love it or don’t. I could see this color working well in the fall and is very business appropriate. However, it’s not for me. I think it looks a little frumptastic on me and isn’t working great with my skintone.


The formula on this polish was excellent. It could have been a ONE coater. It went on slightly thick, but it was fully saturated, even, and opaque in one coat. I was very surprised. I did do two coats for good measure. The drying time on this line is really quick, which is great. This manicure took me honestly all of maybe 7 minutes until fully dry. This finish is more creme than half jelly / half creme like  Private Viewing (Love that polish!).

Where to Buy: Drugstores / $ 1.99

I really like this line of polishes. I fully recommend it. I still want to get more of them. Great neutrals that have a nice finish, great formula and application, and great price tag. They also have better wearability than other Wet n Wild polishes I’ve tried.

Has anyone else tried these yet? Come on, I can’t be the only one!

– Liz



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4 responses to “Wet n Wild Megalast: Undercover

  1. meme

    Agree with ya Liz…it’s a ‘safe’ shade for business. Many work places ya need to tow that line with your polish on fingers, but if you have something wild on your toes, seems to be a lot more accepted in the work place now days (er some work places – mine we cannot wear open toe shoes and I am in medical gloves 90% of the time so that’s hard on nails to keep polish on. I do like this Megablast line. They have it (surprise to me) at my Walgreens. Undercover looks totally different in the bottle vs. on the nail (taking into consideration different lighting in your photos). Not a fan of the shade on you. Would not buy this shade for me – harks back to all those ‘safe’ shades you saw for years (in the past) in lines like Este Lauder and a few other ‘safe’ dept store lines. Yet, with that said, I am still looking for a dup of an old EL shade called Adobe from the mid 80’s! I have to hit my Walgreens this week to pick up my monthly prescriptions – I feel a pull already to pick up some Wet & Wild for fun. Looking forward to the decals. I don’t seem to get around to picking any out that I LOVE. Still am wanting a K. Stamp tool with multi stamps for my nails!

    • Hey Meme,
      Yes, this polish isn’t the best. I’m 50/50 on my Megalast choices since this one was a miss and the other one was a hit.
      I usually am not a fan of neutrals. I tend to go towards loud, but recently I have been finding myself being pulled towards them. Even if some are “safe” they still have some sort of chic allure.
      Hopefully you find some goodies at Walgreens
      – Liz

  2. Hm, why you wouldnt not choose it normally? I think it looks good!

    • Hey, thanks! I just don’t think it’s my type of color. I like cool colors more so than warm. It was nice, and I could see it working for a lot of people. Just not me.
      – Liz

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