Zoya: Nail Polish Exchange 2011!

Image taken from Zoya's blog

Yes, polish freaks! It’s that glorious time again. Zoya’s nail polish exchange started on April 20, Earth Day, so forgive us for being a pinch behind.

You have until the 27th to send in your polish. Basically how it works is you need to send in at least 6 non-Zoya/Qtica brand nail polishes, you only pay $4 for shipping and handling, and get to have your unwanted polish disposed of correctly while you pick out brand new Zoya polish! Does it get any better than that?!

See Zoya.com for the complete instructions and guidelines and get out to the post office to send in that polish!



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2 responses to “Zoya: Nail Polish Exchange 2011!

  1. Scientific Housewife

    I really want to participate this year but I don’t have the money 😦 I banked last year, it was fun!

  2. meme

    So glad you posted this. I am on the Zoya mailing list and they did not send me anything about the trade…I am totally in – rushing over to their site now to read every detail…thanks again so much! I have some old, never will use ‘junk’ polishes and some really old Nicole’s I won’t ever use and their bottle size really does not work well in my polish collection boxes (hinged lid Rubbermaid). I have no idea on # of bottles I have now…will have to count some night when I am watching a bad movie and need a distraction. I do know I have 6 of the double size boxes and 6 of the shoe box size. Really like these boxes for nail storage over Sterlite shoe boxes. They are called Handi-Box Snap Case. Not available for purchase at Rubbermaid.com but there is a photo of the shoe box one. I find them at Ride-Aid Drugstores. The lid has a recess area in it, adding extra height. They fit even my taller bottles of polish. Rushing now to Zoya.com…I have a huge list of Zoya shades I want!!!

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