China Glaze: Lubu Heels

black with red glitteryness!

A friend gave me this polish not too long ago and I decided that the Blackhawks playoffs word be the perfect time to take it for a test run. I’m not sure how other people feel about pairing Louboutin’s with hockey, but it works for me. I was doing a bit of research on this polish, but couldn’t find out quite when it came out. I do know that it is lovely…

Lubu Heels is a black with red glitter packed in. It pretty much looks like how it appears in the bottle, perhaps slightly less glittery. The black goes on very sheer at first, so don’t be surprised by the initial coat. I did three here to make sure I had full opacity and maximum red glitter. Aside from the first coat being sheer, which you may kind of expect as I did, this went on nicely, not too thick or chunky or anything like that.

lots of red glitter in this one!

I think there’s a lot more red glitter in this one. From a distance it pretty much just looks black, maybe an off-black, but when you look up close you can definitely see the glitter. However, don’t expect someone on the street/a polish amateur to think you’re wearing anything other than black on your nails. I’m sure the rest of us can tell how special this is though. In the sunlight this polish really shines, a lot more than you’d expect. It gives off this really cool vampy shine that I just love. If you like reds, blacks, general vampy polishes I say pick this up if you ever see it, I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Since I wasn’t out looking for this one myself, I’m not sure if it’s stocked in a standard CG display, but I think it’s readily available.

So much for an Easter mani…



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