Zoya: Reva

 I usually don’t do many “themed” manicures. But the Blackhawks are in the playoffs and I wanted to wear red for it this weekend. This time last year, Lauren and I wore red nails for upwards of TWO months for the playoffs. Totally nerdy and hilarious, especially since I don’t really like red polish.

I usually make the mistake with Zoya’s Sparkles (or foils) that two coats will be enough, and it’s not. However, Reva’s formula was SO saturated and pigmented that two coats was perfect. It was a great surprise.

Red with gold glitter

When I first got Reva I was confused as to why I ordered it. 1.) It was red 2.) It was red with gold, which is sort of a “classic” combination that isn’t my taste. It’s not very unique and slightly retro. But I was actually surprised by the fact that I do like it. There’s something about the tone of this color that is very flattering. It’s not too cool toned and not too warm toned. It’s slightly more warm toned, but it has a nice balance and I think it might shift a little on the individual.

Reva matte!

Although I did like Reva more than expected, it still wasn’t totally doing it for me. So, I matted it, and like it even more! I usually don’t matte polishes because they chip so much easier and I usually favor shiny. But this is awesome. It adds something different to such a classic color combination. An unexpected texture. It still has a touch of sheen, so I would almost say it’s more satin than fully matte.

Where to Buy: Zoya.com / $ 8

Maybe I should always matte my reds, haha. I feel like matting all the bright glitters and shimmers in the summer is a cool twist.

P.S. I saw Water for Elephants this weekend (Not a great movie. It was alright, I like the circus. The hair and costumes were really cool though) and Reese was sporting a red half moon manicure with white tips but I can’t find any photos of it! It actually looked pretty good. It was cool that they incorporated that look in the details and styling since it has become popular again.

– Liz



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4 responses to “Zoya: Reva

  1. telesilla

    I think it’s great that you’re doing your nails with team colors! I’m a NoCal girl, and ast year, from the end of September through the beginning of November, I did my nails orange to support the SF Giants. One of the waitresses in a place my partner and I go to often also had her nails done in orange and we bonded as fans. 🙂

    Hockey’s not my sport so I really don’t care about the Sharks, which makes it easy to say: I hope your Blackhawks go all the way!

    • Hahah, yes! I love the combination of nail polish and sports going on right now. I love your dedication of the same polish color on months on end as well. Super fans (or freaks haha)!

      To take it one step further, I was able to order nail decals from a women on Ebay that I applied to my nails as well for the Stanley Cup finals. I have a few left, but I completely misplaced them so I couldn’t share them with our readers. But you should look into it for the Giants! They went on like temporary tattoos and lasted for days. They were so awesome.

      – Liz

  2. Beautiful, if not a color I would choose myself. Can I just say though how good this post’s pictures are? 🙂

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