Zoya: Tanzy

Glittery orange!

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all gotten a good start to the weekend so far. I’ve been doing some much needed spring cleaning. I finally got to relax and paint my fingers and toes. I’ve been looking forward to this little gem from the Zoya Sunshine Collection, it was practically what induced my order a few weeks ago!

Tanzy is a bright, golden orange packed full of gold glitter. It’s a little lighter than orange, actually… more like a tangerine. This was the one that stole my heart from the bottle.


When I applied it, it seemed a lot more golden on me than I had expected, but it still looks very orange in the pictures. I only did 2 coats, but I can definitely see doing 3 if you really want Tanzy to pack a punch.

When you look at it head on, it’s all orange and gold. If you’re me, it’s more gold than orange. Pretty much just as you see it in the bottle. My favorite part of this polish though is when you see it in the shade or look at it from the side, it flashes coral! Such a pretty coral too, I just love it. This polish is absolutely perfect for summer. I can’t even imagine how good it’s going to look when we all start working on our tans.

from the side

I tried to get a shot of the coral tones of Tanzy, but unfortunately just could not get it to come through in photos. This applied really nicely, it wasn’t too sheer on the first coat although it is rather light. No problems with it at all. I’ll have to get back to you guys on the wear and removal of this, I’m not sure how much of a problem all the wonderful glitter may pose. I say if you’re ordering summer polishes from Zoya, definitely put this on your list. One more pic before I go!

close up!

Where to Buy: Zoya / $8

Can’t wait to get to the rest of the Sunshine polishes,



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