Wet N Wild Megalast: Private Viewing

I’ve been hitting Walgreens hard the past couple of days. I spent a decent amount of time perusing the make up section. I snagged 6 new bottles of Wet N Wild, and I am pretty excited about all of them. The Wet N Wild Shines are all currently on sale at Walgreens for 69 cents, go get some!

These Wet N Wild Megalasts weren’t available at both of the Walgreens I have been to in the past couple days. Just one. On the display, they say they are meant to stay chipfree for up to 6 days. We’ll see about that.

Nude, beige. Almost mannequin hands

Private Viewing (cute name) is a nudey, beige color. This is actually my first nude color. Crazy! On the first coat is it very much like putting nothing on your nails, but by the second coat it becomes quiet opaque and pretty. It has a nice, light tan color with a touch of pink that seems really nice for summer to me. It almost matches my skin tone. I’m really liking this color way more than I thought I would. It looks great and a little bit sexy.

Almost squishy finish

The formula on this was awesome. I could  have gotten away with two coats, but did three as a precaution. I was impressed with the drying time on this, it was fast. The finish is light, not a heavy creme. It’s almost half jelly. It also has really soft, pretty hidden shimmer! Completely not detectable in the bottle or indoors.

The brushes for this line are a little short, but that’s better than too long for me. The bottles are sort of mini since they only contain .3 FL OZ

Where to Buy: Drugstores / $1.99

This Megalast line has a lot of really cool, neutral colors in it. They were all cremes, I think. All of the colors looked pretty. I picked up one more and can’t wait to try it. I also like how these bottles look, a little more sophisticated, and I really am enjoying the color and formula. It seems to be the older, professional sister of Wet N Wild Shines. I’m impressed. Not chips yet!

Have you tired any of these Wet n Wild Megalasts? I hadn’t heard much about them. But totally a go and a steal at $1.99!

– Liz



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2 responses to “Wet N Wild Megalast: Private Viewing

  1. Scientific Housewife

    Very pretty color!

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