OPI: Rumple’s Wiggin’

I was feeling like I needed something light and clean on my nails yesterday, and ended up wearing Rumple’s Wiggin’ from the OPI Shrek Forever collection that was released last year. This collection as a whole wasn’t really unique and neither is this color. But it’s so pretty.

I was into how good it looks with my bedding (I’m a freak, I know) so, a change of scenery for these photos!

A perfect, soft lilac

This soft lilac is so pretty. Sure, there are countless polishes of this same color, but it’s great regardless. I would say that Rumple’s Wiggin’ might be the tiniest bit less saturated and a fairly more pink compared to Essie’s Liliacism, but basically the same color. It looks very feminine against my skin, and is giving just the right amount of pale color. Perfect for spring. I really love it.

I only needed two coats for (mostly) everything to be even and saturated. For a pastel creme, this formula isn’t streaky or chalky at all. It’s quite thin and easily manageable, which is always good. Macro setting made this polish look unfinished, but in real life it’s not noticeable.


Take a look at this! This beauty is blooming in my room currently, and I couldn’t get the color palette of lilac (my nails), muted sea foam green (from my bedding) and orchid out of my head. They look so great together. I’m feeling ultra feminine today apparently.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers / $ 5

Do you own Rimple’s Wiggin’? Or any other lilac polish that you love? Let me know, I’d like some more good suggestions.

– Liz



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4 responses to “OPI: Rumple’s Wiggin’

  1. Such a pretty color! I really need to get it before spring ends! And I also love it with the sea foam bedding!

    • I don’t know what it is about this polish, but it’s SO pretty! You should totally get it. It looks so good with the sea foam, haha. But then again, doesn’t everything?

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