Zoya: Breezi

Breezi is quite a stretch as  a woman’s name I think, Zoya. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve never known anyone to be named Breezi? Since Zoya names all their polishes women’s names, I think this is a little weird.

I read on twitter today that Breezi has been one of the top sellers the past 5 days, which I find interesting. Out of all of 3 of the summer collections, I didn’t think that this polish would catch so many people’s eyes.

After I received this polish, I noticed it wasn’t all that unique. Somehow I missed that in all the swatches I saw. It looks really similar to OPI Suzi Says Fung Shui, doesn’t it? (On the right) I haven’t swatched the two side by side, but even having Breezi on the nail, I would say they are quite similar. I think they’ll be very close.

Breezi. Slightly dusty blue creme

I’ll start this off by saying that the formula was to die for! I somehow think Zoya’s creme formula, which was already perfect, has gotten better. This was so smooth and buttery. Almost fully saturated with one coat. I only needed two coats to finish this manicure. The formula was thicker, but a dream to apply.

Breezi in sunlight

This color is a slightly muted, medium blue creme. It has a hint of teal in the tone of the color. It’s not entirely just blue. It also has just a pinch of dustiness to it, just so it’s not fully saturated and really bright. The color almost seems slightly heavy to me? Almost dense, and I think that’s because of the softness of  the color. Since it’s not very bright, it looks somewhat flat and heavy.

Overall, I’m not totally thrilled. Having to describe the color makes it sound more interesting than it looks. It’s nice, just nothing to cause me to fall in love with it. I think if you already own Suzi Says Fung Shui you don’t need it. I feel like I should have picked up one of the purple cremes instead in my bogo! Boo!

Where to Buy: Zoya.com / $ 8

Did you get Breezi? Do you like it? Maybe I’m just crabby today, haha.

P.S. My birthday polish this weekend is going to be Zoya Faye!

– Liz



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4 responses to “Zoya: Breezi

  1. Rachel

    My eyes, much like other people I guess, were really drawn to this polish. I don’t really know why though? It looks like a refreshing, bright and “breezi” blue…I think that might be the reason.

    Once it was on though, I really wasn’t that thrilled with it. I think maybe the way it looked with my skin color? I can’t place my finger (no pun intended) on why it just didn’t look all that right. It looks nice on you though!

    I’m doing my nails tonight too — maybe I’ll try Faye in honor of your birthday! Happy almost Birthday, Miss Elizabeth!!

    • Yeah, I think just because I like blues I was like, “well, I’ll get this one!” but probably should have got one of the purples because in all honestly I don’t have that many purples cremes.

      I also feel that like, it’s just not a completely “on” color. I don’t think it looks great on me either, but thanks! It may have looked more blue on you cos you’re more tan.

      Faye twins! 🙂

  2. Glad I saw this post in time or I would have bought something unnecessary. I thought Breezi was much brighter/bluer than the OPI. Thank you!

    • Breezi is hard to describe! It is blue, but it’s not very bright. In the bottle it looks almost just the same as Suzi Says, but I didn’t swatch them so they may not be dupey, but I think pretty close! I would suggest maybe picking a out a different color 😦
      – Liz

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