Zoya: Rica

My Zoya BOGO’s got lost in the mail this past week. It was agonizing waiting for them initially since I was SO excited about all of the polishes I had ordered. They looked amazing, and the extra few days I had to wait for them was horrible!

Yet, for this Sunshine polish alone the wait was worth it. Rica is absolutely stunning. I may label it as THE perfect summer polish. I am in love.

Beautiful, sparkly, coral

I was the most excited for Rica to begin with. But when I opened up my Zoya package, it was like a heavenly light was shining around this polish bottle. I mean, the polish glows on its own with its lovely gold shimmer in the perfect coral base. It shines even in the shade. The coral hue of this polish is awesome. It’s not too orange or not too pink. It’s almost a little softer version of coral. It may be due to the foil finish. It’s more like a tangerine and a pinky grapefruit base color. If I had to say, it seems the slightest bit more pink.

The perfect sparkly coral

The foil finish for a coral polish is amazing. It makes it almost a fantasy, ideal summer polish. Sparkly and the perfect summer shade. On sun kissed skin, this polish will be to die for. It’s so flattering and gorgeous already, but on darker skin it will be at its best. The formula was also great, I did a much thicker first coat, almost one on top of another. And then did another, last coat. Sometimes I have problems with chipping  and opacity with Zoya Sparkles, but this looks fully saturated. And I really hope to have minimal chipping problems because I am literally drooling over this polish!

Where to Buy: Zoya.com / $ 8 (Not pleased with the $1 price raise!)

What’s your favorite polish from the Summertime or Sunshine Summer Zoya’s??

– Liz



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2 responses to “Zoya: Rica

  1. Rachel

    Rica was one of my favorites too! I was really pleased with how much sparkle it had. This was exactly what I was hoping this polish would look like. I even liked it when I applied the first coat and it was light in color. Seeing it add in opacity was neat.

    However…I was SUPER bummed when I woke up the next morning after painting it and saw that it chipped on two nails! While sleeping! This whole week I have been trying out the polishes from the summer collections and have found tipwear to happen within 24 hours of applying it. Really disappointed. Maybe I need a better top coat but still, this shouldn’t happen so easily.

    • Wow, that REALLY sucks. Like I said, I feel like these foil Zoya’s always have minimal wear time on me, without chipping. But this one has been wearing strong on me since yesterday, and I’m really pleased and happy about it.

      Waking up with your nails chipped after you painted them the night before is THE worst! That really sucks about these Zoya’s and I would be pretty bummed and discouraged. I completely agree, when a polish can’t make it for 24 hours, something ain’t working!
      Minus chipping, which one is your fav so far?

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