Zoya: Harley with Nicole by OPI: Pitch-Black Glimmer

With Harley bottle!

Happy Saturday, polish freaks, it’s our 200th post!!! For the baseball fans, it is also opening weekend and so I wanted to do an opening weekend mani, even though I’m the only one who will appreciate my White Sox-themed polish creation. I used Zoya’s Harley as my base, which is a silvery-gray that I love very deeply. I don’t know if another gray polish could ever take it’s place in my heart. Over that, I used Pitch-Black Glimmer, which I have been itching to use lately.

Harley provides a really nice base for the black glitter and probably just about anything you might want to layer over it. It’s light, but still pigmented, I did use 2 coats of it to make sure it was even and as dark as possible.

Using Pitch-Black Glimmer over something so light got a little more annoying, the black glitter is kind of sparse and this is all I could get in 2 coats of it, after 1 coat it just looked ridiculous there were only a few specks. I still really like it because it’s black glitter and there’s tons of other colors mixed in with it, but I do wish you could get a lot more black glitter per coat.

with Pitch-Black Glimmer bottle

Now when I got through with the 2 coats of Harley and 2 coats of Pitch-Black, I wasn’t really sure how I felt about this. At first glance it was a little like the literal translation of salt and pepper on my nails… Which could be cute, but not exactly what I was going for here. However, I’ve been staring at this a lot the past few days and it’s really grown on me and I like it a lot now, I think it was kind of hard getting used to the dark glitter on such a light base, but I like how different it is and it’s super sparkly in the sunlight.

It has also been my first mani using Zoya Anchor base coat and Zoya Armor top coat, which I ordered when I got some Zoya summers. So far it’s been great, I painted this Thursday night and there haven’t been any chips or tip wear yet. It may be too soon to tell, but so far I am pleased.

Where to Buy: Zoya / $8 (Harley) – Target / $8ish? (Pitch-Black Glimmer)

Hope you’re all having a good weekend and Happy Baseball Season! Can’t wait for 200 more posts




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2 responses to “Zoya: Harley with Nicole by OPI: Pitch-Black Glimmer

  1. telesilla

    I like it! I think I need to get some Pitch Black Glimmer for my team related nails–my Opening Day manicure was an SF Giant themed funky french with OPI Y’all Come Back Now Ya Hear tipped with Zoya’s Dovima.

    And congrats to your team for winning their opener! That was one heck of a slug fest. 🙂

  2. Thank you! (for your mani and baseball compliments 🙂 ) You should definitely look for Pitch-Black Glimmer, if it’s not at Target, try online. It’s such a versatile polish and the black glitter is really different. Your Opening Day mani sounds adorable! I need to try some funky french manis. Congrats to your team’s win yesterday!


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