Deborah Lippmann: Call Me Irresponsible

With the new yellow jelly Deborah Lippmann polish Yellow Brick Road being released very soon, I wanted to revisit the only Lippmann polish that I own. I have been excited about Yellow Brick Road since I saw bottle photos and heard “yellow jelly”.

Look how pretty this color looks in the bottle. A blue based purple jelly polish. The color in the bottle is glorious. I love purple and the tone of this one is awesome. The first time I used this polish, I was 100% disappointed in the outcome and I hate to say it again, especially because I spent $16 on this polish, I still hate it. A lot.

Streaky, not well pigmented, uneven color

I realize that jelliesĀ take about three coats to get an even, pigmented, and opaque finish. After three coats, this polish is none of those things. It’s streaky, it’s uneven, and not well pigmented at all. The color doesn’t seem to build correctly. For a polish that costs almost $20, I expect higher quality and a better product. This polish seems like a $2 polish I picked up at the drugstore. My nails on my right hand look awful, they are so streaky and covered in bald spots. Also, I know jelly formulas are also thin, but this one is thinner than usual as well.

Totally different color than in bottle! Yuck!

Let’s move on to the second problem with this nail polish after the formula issue, the color issue. As mentioned, the polish in the bottle looks like a cool toned blue based purple. An awesome color.

The color that comes out on the nail is a VERY red based purple. It’s so warm. And it’s so obvious and noticeable, nothing caused from a camera or lighting. I know it’s not my skin tone causing it to lean since I have read other reviews of this polish, and like I said it’s too much of a difference to be something like that. I always prefer bluer purples, so this is another let down regarding this polish.

Overall, this polish is a complete fail on multiple tries. I know this is the only DL polish I own, and lots of other ones are much cooler and creative polishes that also seem to have a better delivery on the nails. A better experience overall. I was completely looking forward to buying Yellow Brick Road as soon as I could, however remembering and reliving this DL jelly polish is making me wait til I can read and see reviews from other bloggers.

Did anyone else have a similar experience with this polish? Or is my bottle just a bad apple? On the plus side, I do love the DL bottles.

– Liz



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8 responses to “Deborah Lippmann: Call Me Irresponsible

  1. I totally agree about this polish and it really upsets me. This was the first Deborah Lippmann polish that I really wanted. Thankfully I read a lot of reviews and realized it was a complete disappointment…so I don’t have it. Every once in a while I get the urge for it and think, it can’t be as bad as everyone says, look at that bottle color! But I guess it really is….so sad!

    • You were smarter than me! I guess I should have done some research on it, but I figured from a brand that caters to celebrities and is looked at with high regard, I shouldn’t have much of a problem with any polishes, unless it was as simple as, “I don’t like the color”.

      I have been feeling like I need Across The Universe for awhile, but I’m hesitant because of this. So bummed!
      – Liz

  2. Georgia

    I’ve tried another Lippmann jelly, Supermodel, and that one seemed totally different from the one you bought. I mean, the color was pretty true to the bottle (tho it’s sheer b/c it’s a jelly) and the coverage was nice. It did need three coats to get the finish I wanted, but I got compliments on it. I also bought a disappointing Glitter In The Air, which was so sheer it bummed me out. But it really seems like it’s hit or miss with Lippmann. I will never again buy the brand without checking for swatches first.

    • Hey Georgia!
      Have you tried layering Glitter In The Air over like a light blue or something else? The sheerness of that polish in theory seems pretty but I feel as though functioning as a polish…it got lost in translation somewhat. I’ve seen swatches of it over a light blue and it’s very pretty. It might make you like it a little more!

      I fully agree though, I mean checking for swatches is always the best idea, but when the colors seem pretty straight forward, like Call Me Irresponsible, I didn’t see the need. But always will with DL from now on too!
      – Liz

  3. Fran Goldberg

    Lippmann polishes are hit or miss. I was totally disappointed in whatever Lola wants. It was not what the bootle showed and way too sheer. I did like Super Model and Between the Sheets. The colors were true to the bottle. Naked was nice and I was able to do it in two coats, but Glitter in the Air was disappointing and does need to be layed. A lot of her polishes are way too streaky and need three coats. For my money I like Rescue Beauty Lounge much better. For a few dollars more it goes on evenly, you can make it in one coat, is true to the bottole and does last. I would recommend using the RBL treatment system as part of the manicure.

    • It’s very strange to me that DL is such a flickle brand of polish. I figure for the money and the popularity you’re going to get a product works pretty well every time. Not to mention the price tag..

      Overall, I like RBL as a company more. I have had some issues with RBL polishes chipping right away after applied, which was disappointing due to the brand’s standard of their own polishes, but I don’t hold it against them. It could have been a fluke, my base or top coat, etc. I enjoy RBL a lot and Ji, although, I do wish they were a couple dollars cheaper!
      – Liz

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  5. I just bought Call Me Irresponsible because I liked the color and I also liked the song… (Frank Sinatra) and I also found it lacking .. A LOT! It’s not the same color as in the bottle (even after three coats) and the color is SO beautiful in the bottle.. Talk about leading the consumer! This is a RETURN!!!

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