Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

Women love to try new cosmetics. Especially lipgloss and mascara (You know it’s true!). I mentioned this new Clinique mascara awhile back when I first saw an ad for it. Since I heard about it, I was interested to see what it was all about.

However, I see both sides to this argument. I could easily see people thinking a mascara specified for bottom lashes only is totally pointless and even a little gimicky. I will admit, although intrigued, I wasn’t 100% sold before I gave it a try. But have been fully converted!

I want to remind everyone of something: this mascara is for your tiny bottom lashes! Those teeny tiny ones, so the product is also tiny! But tiny or not, this mascara has some more surprises minus its size.

Cute printed container!

The first surprise came when I opened the packaging. I’ve never used a mascara that had a fun printed container! Usually they are colored, or just words printed on, but this is floral and so fun! Not only does the small size make it cute and totally girly, so does the packaging. I think it’s adorable and a great idea since we usually like things that are eye-catching.

Wand next to index finger...SO SMALL!!

For scale, this is my index finger next to the wand. It is SMALL. This part shocked me more so than surprised me. Some of my thoughts included, “Are you guys serious? Is this a joke?!” It is shockingly itty-bitty.

I know some people don’t normally wear mascara on their bottom lashes, unless they are going for a full and dramatic look. But I often wear light, fresh, easy make up looks and only wear mascara on both top and bottom lashes for a big, wide eyed look.

And if your mascara has a large, full, dense brush head it is very difficult to get your bottom lashes coated and separated without smudging the mascara all over. I encounter this problem a lot (Benefit Bad Gal, DiorShow, Covergirl Lashblast, etc). The big, compact brushes are great for upper lashes, but are less efficient for lower.

Bottom lash mascara only on

For people who like to wear this mascara on their bottom lashes, I think this product is awesome. It is so functional. This is one coat of bottom lash mascara only. The almost microscopic wand allows you to separate your bottom lashes so easily. Since bottom lashes are less dense and full, the little wand wiggles in their perfectly and builds length and definition excellently. I like that with one coat you get length and separation, but you can easily layer it for a stronger nighttime look in a few extra swipes.

Overall, I think this product preformed better than I expected. I thought it was a clever idea to begin with, which it is, but it also functions wonderfully. If you like to wear mascara on your bottom lashes even sometimes, I would say this is a must have. I feel as though most women love to try new mascaras and this is definitely one you should add to your list!

Where to Buy: Clinique Counters / / $ 10

– Liz


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