OPI: Houston We Have A Purple

Houston We Have A Purple

…Do we have a purple?  I’m confused. The color of this polish in the bottle looks pretty good. A nice, medium toned red purple. I knew from swatches and the sorbet finish that it was going to end up lighter on the nail, but on me it’s not looking how I wanted. Purples are my favorite, so I was looking forward to this one in the sorbet finish.

Less pink in real life

Now, my camera and the lighting outside did capture this color to be more pink than it actually is. But, this being said, this polish is still VERY pink. At least to me and on my skintone. It is much more berry than I was expecting. It almost is ending up looking like a dark pink based polish with purple rather than a purple. In indoor lighting, I do think this polish is able to lean more to purple and look truer to the bottle color, but it’s still not as much purple as you would expect. It’s also much brighter and lighter.

More accurate color of HWHAP

This close up is a more accurate color of how this polish really looks on me. Yet still, the purple isn’t as strong as I assumed from the bottle and the polish name. The color really shifts to be more pink outdoors and in stronger lighting. It seems to be much more of a pink, berry color. It’s basically a fuschia to me, for sure. I’m just taken back by how this color turned out. Most of these sorbets are very similar in color, and I liked that this one was clearly a different color, but it’s just not purple enough for me. So far out of the sorbets I have tried, this one is definitely my least favorite and has really let me down!

The formula on this was great, as all of these sorbets have been. I love them. It went on easily with three coats, with minimal drying time and only slight VNL. Even though these polishes are very jelly like, there’s something about the finish that seems different than any of the jellies that I have. It may just be the OPI formula, but I have continued to have less patchiness and more even, beautiful finishes. They are so easy to apply.

Where to Buy: Ulta / Dillard’s / JCPenny / Trade Secret / Online Retails (I got mine from Transdesign!) $ 8.50

OPI has been SUPER busy over the winter and has a lot of mini collections coming out in May. Since I ordered my summer Zoya’s (so excited!) I am on a strict no buy until they emerage. I’m looking forward to the New Serena Williams Duo’s A LOT, The Pirates of the Caribbean collection, and even the blue shatters! The turquoise and electric ones look cool…I’m a sucker for blues, apparently even in shatters.  Is anyone else feeling any of these upcoming collections?

– Liz



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6 responses to “OPI: Houston We Have A Purple

  1. AC

    More ‘Problem’ than ‘Purple’

  2. meme

    I agree…I SO wanted this to really be in the purple range. I adore the name – one of the best names OPI has come up with in some time and fits (name wise) for this collection well)…but with you, this is just too fuchsia pink, vs. fuchsia purple for me to want to get it. Hopefully they will come out with a sorbet/jelly in the fuchsia purple to real purple family. It would look fab in the sorbets to have that kind of shade, and it probably would get a better hide on VNL that so many are opposed to seeing through their sorbets/jellies. Me? No so much opposed to VNL.

    • Hey Meme,
      I totally agree. They had the right idea with this polish, collection, and finish for sure but it didn’t translate correctly to the finished product. The name was perfect for it and the bright, sorbet finish was ideal for it. They totally blew it!

      Yeah, honestly VNL isn’t a huge deal to me either. And with three coats of these polishes it’s barely visible. I feel like enough people wear sheerer polishes like sheerer pinks and cream colors that it wouldn’t be such an issue or such a shocker.
      – Liz

  3. Zing

    I am so glad to have found this site! I just bought this over the weekend, put it on last night and thought it was just me! The color is very pretty, but not at ALL what I expected.No purple at all, just fushcia like you all are saying. Thanks for the info!

    • Hey Zing,
      Thanks for finding us 🙂
      Such a bummer, right? The color just ends up translating completely different on the nail. It’s such a let down. I’m sorry it didn’t live up to what you wanted either.

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