Orly: Royal Velvet

Royal Velvet in great sunlight!

This is the other nail polish I got from Orly’s Precious collection for Spring 2011. This is Royal Velvet and I think it’s the showstopper of the collection. It’s a dark blurple, fading from blue to purple depending on the light. It’s kind of reminiscent of RBL Scrangie, only that’s a bit lighter. I knew I had to have this one when I saw it in swatches and in person. Just from the bottle you know it’s going to be gorgeous, and it is.

I used two coats of Royal Velvet and it applies nicely. It kind of catches you off guard at first because the first coat can be rather sheer and unlike the bottle entirely. Just to be safe after seeing that, I made my second coat thicker and it turned out great and looks exactly like the bottle shade.

The dark side

The wear on this was pretty standard, normally I don’t have too many issues with Orly. It looked really good for about a day and a half and then was chipping a lot. The formula was nice aside for the sheer first coat, but it was easy to apply so you can fix that easily. There were a few bubbles, but I’m chalking that one up to old base and top coat that I used. The nasty old base coat and top coat I used (don’t ask me why) may also explain the wear. You really want this one for the color, it’s great. The color is rich and bold (like royal velvet?) and would look good on everyone.

Shimmer shimmer shimmer

I tried to get as many pictures as I could of the changes in color when it’s in the sunlight. It’s so pretty and I absolutely loved wearing it. I say if you get anything from the Precious collection it’s got to be this one. The rest of the colors seem much more pastel-y and traditional spring to me, which can be nice, but over done. I didn’t even pay that much, I think this was on sale at Sally’s for $3. If you love blurples, don’t pass this up.

Where to Buy: Sally’s / Ulta / Online retailers / Drugstores



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