OPI Shatter with Essie: Jackie Oh My

Shatter over creamy Jackie Oh My

My sister kindly presented me with a bottle of Shatter over the weekend. Since then, I have been thinking about what combo I was going to use for my first attempt.  And let’s say, my first couple attempts weren’t the best.

I know you guys have seen tons of these swatches and combos, and to be frank, I wasn’t in love with Shatter via blogs but wanted to give it a try myself to be fair and see how much I liked it.

OPI Shatter

At first, I tried Zoya’s Alegra with the shatter, which is really similar to the pinky red in the Katy Perry collection.  That combo turned out to be WAY too much for my taste. It didn’t look great at all. So, I went the opposite route. I used three coats of Jackie Oh My. The light, creamy, sheer polish has some secret shimmer. I think I prefer this sort of look with the shatter because it’s not too many things shouting at you all at once. This gives a neutral background that allows the shatter to do the talking. I didn’t like how goopy the shatter is. But I liked that it was pretty easy to control and getting smaller lines and cracks was simple with a thin coat.

I’m pleased that the shatter isn’t actually as bumpy  and gritty on the nail as it can look in photos. It’s actually pretty smooth to the touch, texture wise. It doesn’t bother me like heavy glitters can. I was concerned about that.


I also think that I don’t love shatter because I think it’s a little over the top and is almost meant to be paired with a screaming polish to make it even MORE intense. I mean, you guys know I like my bright, fun, not safe polish colors but something about this is a little much. I also try to give myself a flawless manicure every time, so this intentional imperfection is throwing me off slightly. I think the neutral base is allowing this look to grow on me. But for me, I think it’s something more appropriate for a special occasions or a fun holiday manicure.

Where to Buy: Ulta / Dillard’s / JCPenny / Trade Secret / Online Retailers / $ 8.50

Is anyone else feeling the same as I am with shatters and crackles? Or can you not get enough with the the new color crackles? Or are you kind of over it?

– Liz



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7 responses to “OPI Shatter with Essie: Jackie Oh My

  1. Rachel

    I’m looking forward to trying the shatter with one of Zoya’s summer matte polishes. I think that might look cool…but of course, it’ll be way intense. But I like that.

  2. I’ve sort of hated crackle polish from the start, it’s too busy and nervous-looking for me. Maybe, just maybe I’ll try OPIs silver version when it comes out. Maybe. 🙂

    • Totally! The silver looks like it may be a much easier, neutral crackle to work with. And since it’s silver, I think it’ll look much softer and be less of a contrast.

      We’ll see!
      – Liz

  3. inka

    I wasn’t to thrilled with the Shatter samples I’ve seen but now I have tried the China Glaze Crackle (what’s in a name..) in grey (Cracked Concrete ) and that’s actually really nice!! I tried it over OPI Stars in my eyes to keep the look a bit subtle and it was lovely. The OPI is vey shimmery and the crackle quite matte so the effect kind of sneaks up on you..If you’re more into neutral shatters, give that one a try!

    • Hey Inka,
      I was a little interested and tempted by the grey crackle. I heard the formula is better on those China Glaze’s as well. I just feel as though I can’t think of or find the right combination to give me something that I really like that isn’t too much.

      Your texture contrast combo sounds really nice! Especially since high contrast color combos are a little much for me personally. But maybe I’ll like it more in the summertime when nails can be a little more loud.

      The new Serena William’s OPI Duo’s also look so tempting!

      – Liz

  4. I don’t really like to use the black shatter, since as you mentioned, it is kind of in-your-face, wear-scarry-bright-colors, blah blah blaaahh… But then, feeling slightly whimsical, I put the gold shatter on over a blue-green metallic color, and it was a nice effect. The shatter will probably never be my favorite thing, but it can look nice.

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