OPI: Simply Smashing

Simply Smashing

I wasn’t really interested in doing a St. Patrick’s Day manicure, even though I love green polish. So, I was going to pass. Then I remembered I had this unused gem so I slapped it on.

I’d like to mention I think it’s cool that Serena Williams is getting to work with OPI on a polish collection. Not because I like tennis, but because she actually likes nails. She is a certified nail technician. Sure Katie Perry (and other celebrities releasing polish collections. Monica the R&B singer. I hope there’s a polish named “The Boy is Mine”. ) likes nails and polish, but she just puts weird stuff on long, fake nails as part of her costume and performance persona. Serena can obviously give herself an awesome at home DIY manicure. I’m into that. Come give me a mani, Serena!

Simply Smashing

This polish was inspired by a tennis ball, shockingly! It’s a pretty nice balance of yellow and green. It’s very fresh and fun. Though, for me at least, I’m getting more yellow out of it than green. Which is the opposite of what I wanted from Simply Smashing. It could just be my yellow undertoned skin, but it seems to be leaning more yellow. It’s also not as bright as I thought it was going to be. I think any black shatter / crackle would look really good over this. However, I still don’t have one. Oops. Haha. I need to get on that.

Close up of Simply Smashing

I used three coats for this manicure. But, it’s not really fully opaque. I don’t know if it’s my fault and I should have done thicker coats or one more, or it’s just how the polish is. The formula was a little thin, just how I like them, and was easy to work with. The foily finish on this polish is great, I always like that look.

From this post it makes it seem like I don’t like this polish, but I actually do! I’m enjoying the color, I don’t have anything similar. Having said that, this is the first time I’m wishing I had some shatter to put over a polish. I think this color almost needs it to truly finish it off. I’m looking forward to other Serena William OPI polishes in the future!

Where to Buy: Ulta / Salons / JCPenny / Dillards / Transdesign / $ 8.50

Are you rocking any green polish for St. Patricks Day? Let me know, I love a good green polish!

– Liz



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9 responses to “OPI: Simply Smashing

  1. I love this color ! It is so different and interesting. I didn’t pick it up though because I am scared of how it will look on my skin tone…

    • Yeah, it’s really fun! I like the how well the yellow and green play off of each other. Nicole by OPI also has some greeny yellows / yellowy greens coming out for spring. My skintone isn’t the best for this polish either, but I still like it!
      – Liz

  2. Rachel

    ooooh! i’m jealous! i want this polish so bad! it looks really gold with green tinge to it? does it look more like, yellow (rather than gold) in person?

    • Rachel

      also i wore Zoya’s “shawn” on my nails for the holiday šŸ˜‰

    • It does look more yellow than gold, though since it’s like metallic I think that’s what making it seem gold. I think it would look more green on you. It’s cool either way. I got it on Transdesign.com for like $3 when I ordered some of those OPI Texas polishes last week!

  3. I totally forgot about green polish for St Paddy’s, I would have worn Barielle’s Sweet Addiction, I think.

    Simply Smashing looks cool but wouldn’t do my skin tone any favors. Do post a pic if you get a bottle of Black Shatter or the like šŸ™‚

  4. ELC56

    I loved this shade when I tried it, but when I removed it I discovered that it had stained my nails yellow! That was definitely a disappointment and I feel like buying this shade was a bit of a waste.

    • Wow, I would have been so upset! Did you use a basecoat? If so, maybe the polish didn’t work well with it and the basecoat wasn’t able to protect your nails. That is SUCH a bummer. I’m lucky to say that hasn’t happened to me yet, but I know one day it will and I will not be able to forgive the polish, haha.
      – Liz

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