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Beware the EYES of March… because apparently they are dark and scary. Thank goodness we have Benefit Eye Bright! I am a big fan of this product. Not long ago, I felt that my under-eyes were getting much darker, they weren’t puffy, just… pigmented. Liz solved this problem by getting this for me!

This pink pencil is an eye brightener that will fix under eye darkness in just a few dabs. I literally wear this everyday. I’m really careful about not using anything too harshly around my eyes, so if you’re worried about that you can probably even put the product on your finger and then dab it under your eye. I just do a couple light swoops and blend it in with my finger.


Here’s a close-up and as you can see it’s really light and perfect to lighten the dark eye circles. It doesn’t do anything drastic like change my skin tone. I don’t use foundation, but I picture it blending in nicely with just about everything. I have not heard anything about using this on darker skin tones though, so I’d be interested to hear any feedback regarding that.


That’s probably a better indication of how light it is on my skin. Like I said, I’ve been using this just about every day since I got it. It’s easy to use and there’s plenty of product, it’s a pretty good value, I’d say. I think it makes my face seem much more fresh and awake. So whether you have under-eye darkness or just want to look brighter this spring, I’d definitely recommend it.

Comparison shot

So I’m afraid the difference isn’t incredibly noticeable in a picture, but the eye on your left is the one that has Eye Bright on it, the one on your right does not. I think you can tell a slight difference in the photo, but it’s much more pronounced in real life. Try this in the store, next time you see it and you can see for yourself. I haven’t edited these photos at all (or else they’d probably look better), this is just the standard light in my bathroom mirror this morning.

Does anyone have any other great products they use daily for darkness under the eyes? I’m all ears and eyes!

Where to Buy: Sephora / Ulta / Benefit / $20



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