Borghese: Cristallo Shimmer

Little gold shimmer!

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! For starters, please forgive the state of my nails/cuticles in this picture. I used this polish during Mardi Gras and was in a hurry. This is Borghese Cristallo Shimmer. It’s a very light and very sheer gold shimmer polish.

I don’t often use this nail polish alone so when I did I knew I had to get some pictures. I generally use this to liven up a creme polish or just when I’m in the mood for layering. It’s definitely my go-to for a shimmery top coat. Next time I use it for that I will have to get good pictures. However, here you can see it alone! In it’s gold and glittery glory!

With flash

Not sure if the second picture gives you all a better idea of the shimmer/opacity of this polish, but I threw the flash picture in there for good measure.

I have never had a problem with the application of Cristallo Shimmer, when I’m layering it I generally never use more than 1 coat over 2 coats of another polish. Here I’ve used 3 coats of Cristallo Shimmer alone, you’re not really going to get any kind of deep hue or opaque color out of this, so I wouldn’t bother going for more than that.

I think this is a really nice layering polish and looks very pretty on its own as well. It’s been a good stand by for me and I recommend it if you want a shimmery top coat or just something light and springy.

Where to Buy: Drugstores / Online retailers


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