China Glaze Tronica: Mega Bite

Mega Bite

I did a quick swatch of Mega Bite for you guys today. However, it’s super grey and gross outside so my photos aren’t the best, but I wanted to get these up here for you guys to see and at least get an idea of the colors. So, this post isn’t going to the be the best, I apologize!

I thought I was going to like this color more than I did. I guess it’s technically a gold. But there’s a tinge of green and brown in the polish that just quite doesn’t work. It’s not “off” enough to be “on”…you get what I’m saying? Haha.

Mega Bite in overcast lighting

The formula on this polish was really good. It kind of looks like it’s going to be too thick, but it’s actually very easily applied on the nail. And the drying time is really good. I did two coats for this swatch.

In the crappy, grey sunlight that is Chicago currently, I unfortunately got little to no holographic effect from this polish. What I got was mostly a foily finish. Or a gold polish with silver micro shimmer. Like I said, I thought I was going to like this polish more than I did. At first I thought, “Ohh, a nice weird green..ish color,” but this just is not working for me. It’s ugly and bad, in a not cool way. I had planned on wearing it as a full manicure but did one hand and stopped. The base color sort of seems like it looks like GR8, but I don’t own that polish and can’t speak as to if it actually does. Just thought it might a little!

Mega Bite with flash...where's the holo?!

Even when I took photos of this polish with the flash, there was barely any holo to be seen. It sort of just looks like a glitter. Even inside I had this same sort of finish with this polish. But, there was no sunlight today so I get that I am selling this polish short. Sorry, Mega Bite!

It could just me I don’t really like this color on me and my skin. It could look better on darker skintones, but I know we are all thinking it sort of looks like barf. Ew, gross! But it does! I’m not liking this one, and most of the other Tronica’s I’m still giving a chance cos I want to love them! I think Laser Lime from this collection would be much better.

Where to Buy: Sally’s / $ 6

What are you thinking? Definitely a pass on this Tronica? Or is it ugly and weird in a good way for you?

– Liz



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2 responses to “China Glaze Tronica: Mega Bite

  1. Indeed a strange color…I don’t really know what to think of it yet :O

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