China Glaze Tronica: High Def

High Def

I was really looking forward to this polish. The base color is so pretty on its own. And I really think the holographic sparkle in this polish compliments the color, rather than just screaming rainbow fun. It adds to it.

In the bottle this polish doesn’t look like much, but out of the small sample size of polishes from this collection (3) this one has been the most holographic overall. Woo, High Def!

Again, it’s grey and rainy outside so I have no direct sunlight photos of this polish. But I will edit this post as soon as I can, I just wanted to get this out there for you guys.

High Def overcast lighting

The formula on High Def was actually a little bad. It was slightly thicker than the others. And the application wasn’t the best. It was very patchy. The first coat was super streaky and patchy, I didn’t know what was going on. By the second coat I got everything pretty opaque and even. Though, probably should have done a third coat, but didn’t feel like it. Oops.

Close Up of High Def in overcast

The blue base of this holo is really pretty. The less holographic, silvery micro shimmer effect indoors sort of leaves it with a silvery subtle holo effect, that reminds me of the ocean. It looks really awesome indoors. The blue is sort of a corn meal blue, but it has a little bit of grey to it. So it’s not too bright. It has a very natural, earthy stone color blue to it. ( Think flagstone, slate. Or a blue granite. Sort of weird comparisons, I know, but that what it looks like to me. Haha. I’m a loser.) It’s so pretty! I have an affinity for blue polishes, and I don’t have one quite like this.

High Def...holo coming out to play with flash!

I know, these photos aren’t the greatest. But this polish totally has holographic that comes through in indoor lighting and it looks really good. More so than the other Tronicas I have. It’s not screaming in your face, but you can see it and it looks cool.

To be honest, sometimes I think screaming holos like Nfu Oh’s are a little much for me, (sometimes I love them. Very summery!) so I kinda of think this is almost work appropriate or in that kind of category. A more subdued, tame holographic can be good and work for certain people or places. It might appeal to people who aren’t very loud with their nail polish choices, but want to try something more fun for work or play. It has a nice balance.

EDIT: High Def in the sun after a couple days of wear, my tipwear isn’t in mint condition.

High Def in direct sunlight

Overall, I really like this polish and I’m not disappointed in it!

Where to Buy: Sally’s / $ 6

What do you think? Yes, No, Maybe so?

– Liz



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2 responses to “China Glaze Tronica: High Def

  1. This is really pretty! I really like the base color.

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