China Glaze Tronica: Digital Dawn

Digital Dawn

My sister spotted these last week at Sally’s and was nice enough to pick me up a few. I will admit, I was pretty excited to get my hands on these polishes. I like the idea of the collection, and from what I had read and seen the colors seemed interesting for holos and I was psyched!

Though, my confusion and slight disappointed set in when I saw the bottles. The polish, as you may be able to tell, doesn’t look very holographic in the bottle. It looks like….a bad holo. And in doors, this is mostly the effect I am getting out of this polish, with some subtle holo going on in bright, indoor lighting. It’s more holographic on the nail than in the bottle.

Digital Dawn - outdoor / overcast lighting

Digital Dawn is a sort of peachy, rose pink, odd color. It has a touch of brown in it. I asked for this one because specifically because I don’t own many pinks or peaches (not really colors for me) but it seems sort of “ugly” so I wanted to give it a go. For some reason, I actually really like the base color of this polish. It wold look really nice on darker skin tones. I used two coats and got full coverage. The formula was like butter, smooth and not too thick.

It is unforunately pretty cloudy and gross outside today, so I wasn’t able to get any sunlight photos. I wanted to post this as soon as possible though. But as you can see, this holo doesn’t come to life very much outside either. I mean, you can see it (click to enlarge for a better view) but it’s basically not what we want from a holo. I might like these for the summer on my toes better or something.

Digital Dawn with flash...very pretty!

We all are aware that China Glaze KNOWS how to do holos (OMG / Kaleidoscope collection) so I’m not sure why they didn’t deliver what we like. A great, in your face, holographic nail collection. It’s like they skimped out. These don’t compare to OPI DS, or other great, true holographic polishes and it’s disappointing. I feel like they didn’t want to give us awesome holo polishes. The theme of this collection is perfect for it; they had the opportunity and they didn’t deliver.

I almost feel as though the subtle holographic effect of this collection..may have been on purpose. It’s such a bum out that maybe they intentionally didn’t go truly holographic. If CG had given us a great holographic collection, I think we would have been willing to spend a few extra dollars on a bottle since holos can be more expensive to produce.

If it’s sunny tomorrow I will  edit this post with some sunlight photos. But as for now, I am saying save your money for better quality holo polishes. I want my rainbow holo sparkle!

EDIT: Digital Dawn in sunlight photos. It looks nice and holographic. I love it in the sunlight, it’s so pretty.

Digital Dawn in looks good!

Holographic in the sun

Where to Buy: Sally’s / $ 6

How are you guys feeling about these? Does Tronica seem to be disappointing you? Or do you still like the colors?

– Liz



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11 responses to “China Glaze Tronica: Digital Dawn

  1. Denise

    I am disappointed even though I never owned any OMG. Where can I can a good halo? You mentioned OPI DS…where might I find those for a reasonable price?

    • OPI DS are great holographic polishes! However, I have only paid the full, steeper price for them. Around $12 at Ulta. Though, I just googled them and you can get some on Amazon and Ebay for much cheaper. Amazon is showing $5 now! I might buy one now, haha.

      Lauren has also randomly found some OPI DS’s at CVS as well for about $5.
      Hope this helps!
      – Liz

  2. I’m disappointed too! I was pretty excited for this collection, then I saw some comparisons online and wasn’t impressed. I went to Sally’s with my friend the other day too. The entire collection was there, but I didn’t see a single one that I’d be interested in.

    • I looked up a few swatches online also and thought maybe they were just bad. Or like mine, it wasn’t sunny out or something? I don’t know, but I am totally disappointed! I hope China Glaze gets the message and gives us better holos soon! We all want them!
      – Liz

  3. Pity the holo effect seems so lame in these…I really wanted to love every single one in this collection.

    @Denise: if you have access to Nfu Oh polishes, their holos are the bomb!

    • Me too! And I feel like, I keep giving them a chance. For example, I did edit this and put some direct sunlight photos up and they look pretty then. I just want them to be better!
      – Liz

  4. I really like the color…it looks prettier on the nail than in the bottle. Too bad about the holo though. Kind of breaks my heart. 😦

    • This collection is totally breaking my heart, I want / wanted to love it so much. They look good in the sun, but you can still get better holo polish. I’m so bummed!
      – Liz

  5. SisterLes

    I think that if China Glaze had marketed these differently, as really saturated glitzy colors, instead of “holographic” which sets nail polishers up to compare them to the beloved OMG/Kaleidoscope collections, the polishes wouldn’t be getting such a bad rap. They’re pretty colors on their own (except for that other one I picked out for you-whoops!), but they don’t live up to that holographic standard nail junkies want from their polishes. Just my two cents (and I do think the colors are rather nice despite the holo let down.).

    • You probably correct, Les. Get on CG’s marketing team!
      However, I could see it being difficult to come up with a new name / way to market these since they do have holographic pigment in them. I actually do really like this color and High Def. And as I mentioned in my other post, some people might like holos that aren’t so intense.
      – Liz

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