Nubar: Emerald

Nubar Emerald

Mmmm. A wonderful emerald green polish. What polish obsessed girl wouldn’t want this one?

First of all, Nubar, I’m really loving your green polishes I have recently purchased. They are beautiful. I’m pretty much in love with you and can’t wait to for our relationship to grow and our promising future together.


Look at Emerald in the bottle. It’s so pretty! It is a dark, sultry green with green and I think some dark blue shimmer running throughout. The shimmer is sort of subtle because it matches the base color of the polish, but there’s a lot within the polish. This polish is looking particularly wonderful on my lighter winter skin, and I think on even paler girls it would look even better. This polish has a ton of depth with the shimmer that’s in it. There’s something very substantial about it. It’s rich and dreamy. And feels sort of dressy. I was craving a darker polish, and this is perfect.

Bumpy Emerald

For this mani, I used two coats. The polish went on smooth and pigmented. This one was very opaque. I really like Nubar’s formula and application. It’s great.

Although Nubar and I are having a love affair, this polish has caused a conflict. Do you see all those little bumps? If you enlarge this photo, and the one prior, you can see this polish doesn’t give you a nice smooth finish! These photos sort of magnify the way the bumps look. In real life they aren’t obvious to anyone but me. But they are taking away from this gorgeous color! And they make me sad! This color is so pretty, I really love it but I don’t love these bumps.

I’m sure by tomorrow they won’t be bothering me as much. And maybe it was something that happened because of my basecoat or something else weird. I just adore this color and wanted it to be perfect on my nails. Hopefully the next time I wear this polish it won’t happen. Fingers crossed!

Where to Buy: Online Etailers / $ 8ish

Do you have Emerald? If you do, did yours get all bumpy during application? Say it ain’t so!

– Liz

EDIT: Again, this Nubar had a number of big chips by the second day of wear. And it was looking beyond rough by day 3, I kind of couldn’t wait to get it off. The wearability on Nubar is sort of bumming me out! I expect and appreciate when my polish looks good for 2 days. I usually change my polish at that time, and want it to look good until then.


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