Nicole by OPI: One Less Lonely Glitter

One Less Lonely Glitter

We’re on a purple roll today! Over the weekend I finally found the Nicole by OPI One Less Lonely Girl Justin Bieber collection. Like the frantic tween that I am not I scavenged through what was left and got One Less Lonely Glitter and slapped it on my nails almost immediately.

Since I didn’t have much time to think between buying and painting, it did come out more sheer than I expected. This is three coats. After looking at the larger, circular glitter in the polish I realized that I think this is the purple version of OPI’s Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection. I have yet to do a side by side comparison, but after looking at the bottles and photos, I’m pretty sure that’s the case.

Like I said, this is three coats and it didn’t exactly build like I wanted it to or get as dark as I wanted to, but after wearing it I liked it so much that those were fleeting thoughts. After three coats this is a lightish purple, a glittery lilac and the big glitter catches some shades of pink in the sunlight. It is a very young nail polish and I would hope no one would expect mom-ish or mature from the Biebs collection. I wore this with kind of a boyish outfit and it really made it a whole lot more fun. It was definitely a mood-changing mani for me on Saturday, which was also my first Mardi Gras parade so another reason for the purple glitter.

A different angle

So we all hate the Nicole bottles, which is probably touched upon every time I review one of these polishes. However, they have changed the brush. It’s a short, fat, wide brush and I should’ve gotten a picture of it. I definitely will next time. I really like the brush change, especially the shortness because there’s less unused brush and less risk of dripping, very easy to control.

The removal of this was as awful as the typical glitter, not much more to say in that. I think this color is really cute and fun and I enjoyed wearing it. I literally stared at it all day. That being said, I think I’m going to go for a neutral, palette cleanser this evening.

Where to Buy: Target / Walmart / Bed Bath & Beyond / $7ish




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2 responses to “Nicole by OPI: One Less Lonely Glitter

  1. I’m surprised this was so sheer for you…I got the coverage in one coat that you did in three coats. Maybe you got a dud bottle?

  2. Maybe I did get a dud! I’m glad that it came out so opaque for you. Maybe next time I’ll just try it over another purple 🙂


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