Coming Soon: OPI Pirates of the Caribbean

Summer OPI Pirates of the Caribbean

I’m not really into pastels and cremes, HOWEVER anything that is sea or ocean inspired, sign me up ASAP. And for some reason I have seen every one of these movies. I think they are fun and who doesn’t like Johnny Depp? Come on.

In addition to these pretty pastels, there will be a silver shatter in the collection! Which I think I will really like. I think with the newly released China Glaze colored shatters, finding color combos that don’t look 80’s or childish will be difficult for me. So, I think silver will be a nice balance between fun and not too juvenile, at least for me.

Other colors in this collection will include:

  • Skull & Glossbone: Light grey creme
  • Mermaid’s tears: Light sea foamy green
  • Steady as She Rose: Light pink
  • Planks A Lot: Medium blueish toned purple
  • Sparrow Me The Drama: Medium purple toned pink
  • Stranger Tides: Light grey / sage-y green

Do these colors seem super original? No. But I’m already dying for Mermaid Tears. And I feel like with this theme it was either do something pretty, tropical, and pastel or something edgy, and “piratey”.  OPI picked pretty. I mean, would Jack Sparrow wear any of these polishes? No, I don’t think so. But I’m excited to see the swatches of Mermaid Tears, Stranger Tides, and Skull & Glossbone!

– Liz


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