OPI: At Your Quebec & Call

At Your Quebec & Call

Happy Friday! It’s been really great outside the past few days here in Chicago. Usually at this time in February we are preparing for one last snow storm and it’s still cold. However, magically it’s spring.

I love the name of this polish. And I have really wanted many of the Canadian collection polishes for awhile. But they aren’t the easiest to find. I recently purchased this polish and have been waiting to use it.

Black label OPI

I received this beauty in the mail and the first thing I noticed was its black label. The next thing I noticed was its horrid smell. OOF. It stinks to high heaven. I swear even when the lid is on.  But the formula wasn’t bad. I wanted to get through the manicure in two coats because of the smell, but it needed three to really get that a nice pigmented, saturated metallic finish. But it dried quickly so it wasn’t too bad.

AYQ&C - Bronzed Olive Green

This color is very pretty. I actually thought it was going to be a touch lighter, or maybe a little more green. But I am by no means disappointed. I love green polish, and recently not only in polish but make up have been really into olive green. This polish has a good amount of brown / brown shimmer. Totally greek goddess.

Green shimmer, brown shimmer

The base color of this polish is an olive metallic green, however there’s lost of micro shimmer packed in as well. There’s brown and bright green that come out a lot in the sun that sort of make this polish shine. But indoors and in regular lighting is just mostly reads as a green metallic.

At Your Quebec & Call / CG Peace On Earth

This color is pretty similar to China Glaze’s Peace on Earth from 2010’s Holiday Collection. It also has that same nice finish. But like I said, AYQ&C has some more brown to it and is a little darker. POE is brighter.

This polish is really pretty. And it seems both springish and fallish to me. The green is bright enough to make it perfect for this time of year, and the balance of brown makes it great for fall.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers / $8.50ish



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4 responses to “OPI: At Your Quebec & Call

  1. Looks kind of like Not Like the Movies…or is that just me? I don’t have a good eye for dupes! Either way, I love the color.

    • This color is so pretty. It definitely has that same metallic finish as Not Like The Movies, but this is more of a truer olive green. Not like the movies is kinda of more silver and lavender, to me at least!
      – Liz

  2. sparris

    Given how much I liked wearing Peace on Earth, I really need to find my bottle of AYQaC(and OPI….that’s an example of a GOOD ‘punny’ name for a polish…recently you’ve been toeing the line far too often ^^ ). These colors are so beautiful and calming to look at. I agree that it works great for both spring and fall!

    • This polish name is ADORABLE. and you’re right; recently they have been a little out of control with their names.
      You need to get this one, but when you use it make sure to open a window!
      – Liz

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