OPI: Birthday Babe

Happy birthday to me!

As Liz mentioned, yesterday was my birthday. Of course, I had to wear OPI’s Birthday Babe to celebrate. It’s from OPI’s 25th Anniversary Collection. I love this polish! It’s so shiny and flattering. As you can see, it’s a metallic, a bright silver that verges on white.

I think this is a great color for the name Birthday Babe. It’s a color that will look good on anyone and therefore, makes an excellent and adorable birthday gift. I loved wearing this and another plus to this shade is that it goes with any outfit you put on.

That's me!

You only need 2 coats of this, I can’t imagine doing 3. One of the downsides of this polish is that it is VERY streaky. Honestly watch every brush stroke because if you don’t have them looking like you want it to then it’s going to dry that way and you’ll be so annoyed. It’s not a runny polish though so I found it easy enough to control the streaks and make the mani look nice.


You can see how white-ish of a silver this color is in this pic. Birthday Babe is a shiny, pretty metallic of a bright white-ish silver. Kind of streaky, but nice and opaque. When this starts to wear you’ll see lots of hairline cracks in the polish, this kind of annoyed me, but it still looks lovely from far away so only the polishfreaks will notice. You know you’ll have to wear this on your birthday so just admit it and love it, haha.

Where to Buy: Ulta / Salons / JCPenney / $8.50

Can’t wait for Friday!




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2 responses to “OPI: Birthday Babe

  1. sparris

    Happy Birthday! It looks lovely, like a seashell. šŸ™‚

  2. Thank you! The color is really great and so pretty, highly recommended šŸ™‚


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