Essie: Scarlet O’Hara

Miss Scarlet!

I’ll preface this post by saying that I love Gone With The Wind so it goes without saying that I needed Essie’s Scarlet O’Hara. I got this polish sometime last year and chose to bring it back this weekend!

Scarlet O’Hara is a darkish red packed with lots of lovely shimmer. Surprisingly, this was kind of hard to photograph, it came out looking brighter and more cherry red than it actually is in person. I edited the photos slightly to reflect the true color better because I think the sunlight brightened it too much so I think the color of these photos is closer to the actual Scarlet.

You'll never go hungry again!

I used 2 coats, it goes on very nicely and I can’t imagine needing 3. Very opaque and very shimmery in its natural state. No issue with runny-ness, thickness, or sheerness. The pictures of it that I took made me think it almost looked like the shimmer, non-jelly version of Essie Jelly Apple, but like I said I do think it’s darker. I think this is a nice, traditional red if perhaps you’re not into reds and just need a basic in your arsenal or you have too many reds and need a classic go-to polish.

Up close

This last picture kind of shows how Scarlet O’Hara looks in shade and in direct sunlight, the 2 middle fingers are brighter and in the sunlight (ring finger especially) and the pointer and pinky are back in the shade. The wear on this was fine, I had a chip the next day that was small, but still annoying. This was the typical red nightmare to remove, but no worse than any other pigmented red polish. Its definitely a nice, classic red and was also nice and classic for Valentine’s Day!

Where to Buy: Essie / Ulta / / Salons / $8ish

In danger of running out for clearance candy…



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