Essie: Chinchilly

Essie Chinchilly

So, I didn’t mean to get all anti-Valentines Day on everyone on purpose with this lacquer color. It was sort of on accident. I thought about doing some kind of pink / pink glitter accent manicure last night because I didn’t really have any polish calling out for me to wear, but ended up with this grey instead. Make sense since pink isn’t really my thing.

I ended up picking out Chinchilly because I haven’t yet blogged about it and haven’t worn it in quite a while, almost a year to be exact. Isn’t it strange how we can remember what polish we were wearing at a certain time? I mean, I know all of us that are obsessed can. We’re freaks. Fixated addicts. I actually have very clear memories of when I wore a lot of my polishes. This was a good memory.


Chinchilly is a grey jelly. The formula on this polish is super thin. On the first coat it looks sort of like you rubbed clay or mud on your nails. The pigmentation is bad, it looks brown and very streaky. Though, somehow when you apply a thicker second coat, you get this. A great, even, pigmented grey. I probably could have done another coat but I was feeling lazy and was distracted by watching X Files.

This polish is a warmer grey, it has sort of a taupe color mixed in so it’s not too cold. And it allows it to be more flattering on the skin. It’s also a darker grey. This polish has the tiniest bit of green in it, that I don’t think will work for everyone. For me, I don’t any green leaning on my skin tone so I have no problem. I think a lot of grey’s I see are mostly cremes and cool toned blues, so this is sort of something different…in the realm of greys. This polish has a clean, sophisticated look to it, like most neutral polishes do.

Where to Buy: / Ulta / Local Retailers / Online Retailers / $8 ish

– Liz



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3 responses to “Essie: Chinchilly

  1. sparris

    I can remember clearly when I wore this polish, back in June. Wore it on my toes to go with black sandals, didn’t think it looked very fun on me so I slapped a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust on top, and WOW!
    This was a slow, boring Saturday at work and I kept sneaking out in the corridor to where the sun fell on the floor to stare at my toes. I felt like a 6-year old. In a good way. 🙂

  2. MoyJoy

    I saw this on a lady while shopping and ran out to get it immediately. It looked lighter on both she and I (she was white, I’m black) although it did look a bit different on her. I LOVE this color. I would have bought two but when I went to get it there was one little lonely bottle waiting just for me.

    I used 3 coats just to get full coverage. Although I found that with the Essie ridge filler underneath I only needed two coats. Also my polish lasted WAY longer with it with no chipping!

    It looks best when I cut my nails shorter.

    • I haven’t ever used the Essie ridge filler base coat before, do you use it often? Does it work well? I’m always on the look out for new base and top coats!
      Another one of these weird Essie neutrals that I always mean to buy is Mink Muffs and I never do. I think it would be a lot like this polish, a neutral that is a little different and really awesome.
      – Liz

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