Sephora by OPI: Urban Ballerina

Urban Ballerina display

So I’ve heard a bunch about the Sephora by OPI collection for Glee, but had not heard anything about this Urban Ballerina collection until the other day.

I was at Sephora getting new make up and things the other week and saw this new polish display for Urban Ballerina, but did not know that this existed at all. I snapped a few pics because, like I said, had heard nothing of it.

Basically the collection is full of the kind of colors that blend edge with soft and sweet, or so Sephora says. I can definitely see that, but to me its more these two categories put together than anything else. Everything looked fairly sheer, there’s 3 light pink and beige colors, the purple that also looks sheer, and the two gunmetal greys which look similar.

I looked at this for a good minute and saw nothing that interesting or that I would even really want to try. I guess I was kind of curious about the purple and sparkly dark grey, but thought they also looked like they’d been done before.

Seems like this collection is getting swept under the rug for spring, especially since the big push seems to be going with Glee. Has anyone tried any colors from the Urban Ballerina collection?

Where to Buy: Sephora / $9

Sad its Sunday night,



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