OPI: Blue My Mind

Blue My Mind

Happy Friday, polish freaks.

This polish has been calling my name since I picked it up recently. Blue My Mind is a bright, vibrant blue that’s intense, but isn’t too in your face. This polish is a totally perfect summer time color to me, but I’ve been wanting to wear it since I got it.

The formula on BMM was very sheer and streaky on the first coat. I blame this on its really nice metallic finish, so I wasn’t too annoyed. The formula was a little runny, so I would suggest doing thicker coats and letting each one dry. I ended up doing three, and have a nice pigmented, even finish.

Blue My Mind. Vibrant pigmented blue

This color is super pigmented and has a lot of depth to it. I don’t own Essie Aruba Blue, though I have worn it before, and I think these two are very similar. Though this color doesn’t seem that unique, I don’t own any other blues like this one. It really fills the spot of a rich, fun, electric-y blue perfectly, without being too bright. I also like that it’s a metallic finish that has no shimmer in it. There’s just something about this color, I’m really attached to it.

Where to Buy: Ulta / JCPenny / Transdesign / Dillards / Online Retailers  / $8.50ish

– Liz



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  2. Great. Good post. Thanks

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