Essie: Sag Harbor

Essie Sag Harbor

Things for me right now more than mundane. I feel a disconnect from life, and apparently it’s translating into my polish. This morning I figured I’d give one of the Milani One Coat Glitter’s a try because I was looking at some photos and they looked really good. I applied two coats and HATED everything about it immediately and had to remove it. So gross.

So, I went to a safe, beloved polish of mine for some TLC. Essie Sag Harbor is perfect. And I’ve been wanting to revisit this polish for a while and figured now would be a good time since a lot of bloggers have been mentioning it has a twin sister in China Glaze Sea Spray. Which was one of the first things I noticed about Sea Spray, and why I haven’t been dying to get it.

Essie Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor is like a cool, spring day on a dock, or a stormy sunset.  The light, greyed out blue of this polish is the perfect balance. It’s not too dark. Not too blue. Not too grey. Something about the color is also very warm, like in a soothing way. Even though on first description it could seem partially gloomy, but it’s gloomy is a cozy way.

Sag Harbor, like CG Sea Spray, has a glorious silver shimmer running through it. But the shimmer is so fine, that it somehow allows for this perfect, even metallic sheen throughout the finish of the polish. It’s noticeable, but not.

Metallic silver shimmer in Sag Harbor

As much as I love this polish, the formula isn’t great. It’s a little thin and streaky on the first coat. And the microscopic Essie brushes don’t make it any easier. But by the second you can apply a thicker coat and get things nice and even.

Sag Harbor / Concrete Jungle

I wanted to include this photo in case you haven’t seen Sag Harbor before. CJ is a pretty common polish, so you can kind of gauge Sag Harbor from it. As you can see, Sag Harbor is such a pretty color. It’s light and blue. Which could also be used to describe RBL Concrete Jungle, but the grey dominates it. Sag Harbor’s a light blue with a hint of grey that makes it a really great stormy, nautical polish.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers

Also, I have been seriously dying to own Essie Greenport, which is also from this collection. I have read about bloggers ordering it online, but I can never find it. Can anyone help me out with this?

– Liz



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11 responses to “Essie: Sag Harbor

  1. I wanted to polish it yesterday but decided for OPI´s Suzi Says Feng Shui eventually 🙂

  2. Rachel

    wasn’t Greenport Essie’s take on Chanel’s Jade? That might be why it’s so hard to find. even i, being a google master and all, can’t find it online anywhere.

  3. Sag Harbor looks amazing, I wish I could get it somwhere ❤
    luckily my friend bought greenport when it first came out and it is mine now becouse she does not like it =)

    • I know you can get Sag Harbor on Amazon! I got mine and Shelter Island from there. Totally worth the $3 shipping, I love both.
      I am SO jealous of your Greenport! Don’t let me anywhere near it! 😉
      – Liz

  4. Oh Greenport…will I ever see you in the flesh? :O

    As for Sag Harbor I’ve realized I like that kind of dusty pastel more than the really bright ones, they stand out too much against my skin instead of working with it. I think they suit me mentally as well, I never was that super cheerful happy-go-lucky ‘squee!’ kinda girl, but more subdued.

    I own SH(and Shelter Island…I love all the names of this collection, they make me think of The Art of Noise’s song Crusoe) but have yet to wear it. Thanks for the look!

    • This polish is so pretty. It’s relaxing yet interesting at the same time.
      I also love the names of these polishes, and the colors. Even though Shelter Island might look a little bright for your taste, it’s such a nice color! I think you will really enjoy it. It’s a good summertime blue.
      – Liz

  5. MoyJoy

    Ordered today from enailsupply and went to retailmenot for a coupon code so I paid $10.58 for it including shipping. 🙂

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