Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow: Rock Violet

Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow Rock Violet

I like Clinique a lot. I reviewed a Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow not too long along. And since I loved it so much, I decided to give another color a try. The one thing about this line is that there aren’t that many colors to choose from. This purple, Rock Violet, and the olive green, Sunlit Palm, were the most appealing to me.

Rock Violet is a light, silvery purple. It almost like a metallic violet or lavender.  The color is pretty unique, I own a lot of purple shadows and didn’t have one that looked similar to this one.

Rock Violet Cream Shadow (Click to's very pretty!)

It has a lot of silver shimmer in it, which really lightens and brightens this shadow. Though, it still delivers a lot of pigmentation and color. I also think there’s some pink in this shadow that allows for it to have even more dimension and impact. This is a really nice, easy, one step, day time eye shadow.

As mentioned in my other Clinique Cream Shadow post for Sunlit Palm, I find that these cream shadows dry quickly, are easily blend-able, and are even really easy to apply with your finger, which is what I do. Rock Violet looks really pretty on the lid by itself. Even though it’s lighter and on the more natural side, it gives a lot of impact on the eye just on its own. It’s really pretty solo. You don’t always need to wear liner!

These Quick Eyes Cream Shadows also have nice staying power, and don’t smudge easily or fall out. And not to mention, are pretty fairly priced!

Where to Buy: Clinique Counters / / Sephora / $ 14.50 (.17 FL OZ)

– Liz

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