Clinique Different Lipstick: Glazed Berry

Clinique Different Lipstick in Glazed Berry

I went on a Clinique stop the other day because one of the department stores was having their Clinique bonus time. Bonuses are one of my little joys in life. If you’re unfamiliar with Clinique and their bonuses, it’s a really nice thing for consumers and beauty lovers. Clinique bonuses are gifts given with any purchase of $21.99 or more.

The bonuses include a really fun, cute make up bag packed with goodies for you to try. We have at least 1, 000 make up bonus bags collected over the years at my house. There’s usually 7 different samples included from moisturizer (like the ever popular Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer) to bronzer and everything in between. Lots of the time you get a full sized lipstick out of it, like this Clinique Different Lipstick in Glazed Berry!

Clinique Different Lipstick

I’m not really a huge lipstick person, as you may have already known. I grew up uses a lot of glosses, and just found them easier. But have recently strayed from those as well, and am trying to get back on track to really be able to finish my make up looks.

What’s great about this lipstick is that, it doesn’t feel like a lipstick. Clinique describes it as, “different because of its smooth, comfortable feel. One of the best, from out wide ranges of shades. Sheer, glossy, smile-rewarding lipstick.” And this description is completely accurate. It’s light, glossy but still delivers color to your lips.

Glazed Berry

This color is really flattering. It’s a fresh, pink that has some red in it. Like a raspberry. It goes on smooth and stays put for a few hours. It’s not thick or smudgy like heavier lipsticks can get. As mentioned, it’s not going to give you a really pigmented color for your lips. It gives more of a wet, sheer wash of color. My lips aren’t naturally very red, so I think the color delivery will also depend on how dark your lips are. It works well for me. This lipstick is perfect for daytime, especially for fast approaching spring. I definitely think that this color can work for a wide range of skin colors. It’s really easy to wear.

Where to Buy: Clinique Counters / / Sephora / $ 14.50 (.14 OZ)

Also, Clinique has just released a mascara specifically for bottom lashes! I think it seems like a pretty good idea. Tiny tube, tiny wand, tiny price! ($10)

– Liz


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2 responses to “Clinique Different Lipstick: Glazed Berry

  1. Rachel

    oooh! i am very interested in the bottom eyelash mascara! little wand and little price, sign me up!

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