OPI: Katy Perry Not Like The Movies

Not Like The Movies

I’m not feeling great today. I thought Not Like The Movies would help make me feel slightly better, but it has left me feeling about the same.

When I first picked up NLTM, I was really excited about it and thought I would really love it. But after I applied it, I’m kinda left wanting more. Maybe that’s why it’s probably the best pair for the shatter. Because right now, it’s feeling kinda weak.

OPI Katy Perry Not Like The Movies

As I’m sure you as heard, or encountered personally, application was not great. This polish is quite sheer. Which I could tell initially from looking at it, but even by the second coat I was not impressed with what it was delivering. The polish is thin. But even with three thick coats, I want more pigmentation and color. The silver micro-glitter in the polish gives it a little oomph, but it’s still not enough to carry the polish, in my opinion.

Metallicy lavender, green, pink and silver

The idea of this polish is cool. Which is why is has been done before. But I felt OPI tried to improve, or tweak it somewhat but the failure of color delivery is sort of ruining it. I like that this polish clearly has a lot of different chameleon effects going on. There is lavender, green, pink and the metallicy grey / silver packed into the polish.

With a tilt of your hand you can get a different color dominating your nails. I find mostly the lavender is the star of the show. Followed by the metallic silver and then green. It’s a fun polish, I just wish it was more opaque and pigmented and less streaky. The lightness may have been intentional, but it seems a little watered down to me. Could also be my skintone.

Not Like The Movies / Stellare Notte

I don’t own Deborah Lippman’s Wicked game to show as a comparison, which is really similar to NLTM. But I do have Borghese’s Stellare Notte which has a lot of the same things going on as NLTM. Stellare Notte has the same dark(er) metallic base with flashes of green and purple. I think the darker base of SN gives it more drama and strength as a polish. As mentioned, the lightness of NLTM seems to be intentional being that it is meant to be paired with the Shatter, but I think SN’s darker base is better and Borghese hit the mark with this polish.

Where to Buy: Ulta / JCPenny / Dillards / Transdesign / $8.50

Maybe NLTM will grow on me, but I’m not loving it so far.

– Liz



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4 responses to “OPI: Katy Perry Not Like The Movies

    • Hi Kellie!
      Thanks for much for telling us! It’s always really cool to hear someone else say they enjoy stopping by.
      Your blog is so nice too! I read it often. I added you to the Death by Polish blogroll
      – Liz

  1. I’ve been reading a bunch of your posts, and I really enjoy your blog! I’m definitely adding it to my blog roll.

    As for “Not Like The Movies”, I actually love this color. I like how it feels light on my nails because it’s sheer. But I can understand how you would feel disappointed by it. Different people, different tastes. 🙂

    • Hey Lindsay,
      Thank you!
      I know, I just feel like I really liked the durochrome in it and just wanted more out of it because the colors are so nice. I think maybe I might like it more on my second time around with it!
      – Liz

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