OPI: Rising Star

Rising Star

When the OPI Burlesque Collection came out, as I have mentioned. It wasn’t really for me. Lots of reds and glitters aren’t really my thing. But something about Rising Star always caught my eye both in swatches and in person. & I was recently out shopping and found RS in the clearance bin for $2.99 and I said, “yes please!”

Rising Star

I could see a lot of people saying, “yuck” to this polish color. But, I think it’s really cool, especially with the metallicy foil finish of this collection. It’s not gold. It’s not orange. It’s not copper. It’s a perfect mix of all three! It’s pretty different. On me, I see a lot more orange and copper than I do yellow, which I really like.

Coppery Rising Star goodness

My skin tone has a lot of warm undertones. Mostly a lot of yellow, which I don’t preferably love. In the winter months it allows me to still be moderately fair, but not in the pretty cool toned porcelain way. And in the summer, I get a lot of color easily. So because of the yellow in my skin, I think this polish looks not as great as it would on someone with cooler undertones or someone much darker. There’s not enough contrast between the yellow and warm tones in my skin and the yellow in the polish

Close Up Rising Star

I still really like this color, I think it’s awesome. The application and formula were really good and standard of most foily finished polishes. I used two thicker coats and everything was even and opaque. I really like warmer toned foils over warm colored shimmers and cremes. They are much more my style.

I don’t think this polish is the most unusual, but I didn’t already own a coppery / orange metallic or foil. I really like it and for me it was the best metallic in the OPI Holiday Burlesque collection.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers / Transdesign / Amazon

Death By Polish is going to be doing a polish giveaway this weekend!! So look out for our polish contest to win some freebies.

Happy Friday,




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2 responses to “OPI: Rising Star

  1. Interesting about skin tones…I often find that polishes I really though would look good on me don’t, and vice versa. I have stayed away from this colour for that reason…I’m unsure what effect it would have on my warm-toned but ridiculously pale fingers. Looks very good in the picures though!

    • Something about this polish is just really fun and cool!
      I think my skin tone is what makes me not like red on my nails so much. Even though I have tried orange reds, blue reds, and brown reds. But I mean, I also just don’t like red. Haha.
      – Liz

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