OPI: My Private Jet

My Private Jet

Well, our driveway is almost clear of our 16 inches of snow. We have been shoveling most of the morning, and my practically frost bitten fingers are glad we’re almost done!

Ah, a most coveted nail polish to all of us nail polish fanatics. My Private Jet. Each time I got on an online polish ordering binge, I mean to put it on my list but I always forget. I’d like to have any of the multiple versions, as opposed to none.

Well, I was recently out shopping and stumbled upon a bottle of MPJ. I was pleased to find it and not have to order it online. Though, I noticed right away it wasn’t like the swatches of the glorious holographic smokey brown / grey / black MPJ that’s so special. I’m not as lucky as those with the holo MPJ, but at least I’ve got one, right? Rightttt.

Non Holographic My Private Jet

First of all, whatever version of MPJ that I have, the formula was…interesting. It was a little runny and hard to manage. But still wasn’t that bad. I ended up trying to control a more heavy / thicker first coat. By the second coat it looked really great. Nice and opaque. And a pretty finish regardless.

As you can tell, my version looks brown with white speckles and silver micro shimmer and some holographic shimmer in the sun. It looks very pretty in the sun. You get a less pack in holographic effect that the HTF version has. This MPJ has a granite look to it not in direct sunlight. It looks like a stone almost. The smokey brown base color is pretty, and with all the shimmer in there this polish is still very stunning and not like anything I own.

My (Non holo) Private Jet

It’s still an edgy, special, and different polish. I hope to get my paws on the HTF true holo version of this polish. It’s something I will keep working on. I, and you too, would obviously love it in my collection!

Are you lucky enough to have the holo version of MPJ? If you do, where’d you get it? I’m jealoussss!

Where to Buy: Online Retailers

– Liz



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5 responses to “OPI: My Private Jet

  1. Yeah…all the bottles of MPJ that I find locally are non-holo. Sad. 😦

  2. I know. And you can’t trust any online site for the real deal. Hopefully I can find one laying around in a salon!
    – Liz

  3. Rachel

    oh man! i had this polish in my hands at Ulta the other day and didn’t get it! i’ll have to go back and report if it’s holo or not.

  4. Susan Goebel

    I found a 2/3 full bottle of My Private Jet in a salon, and i think it’s holographic, but not sure. When I look at the sides there’s kind of a weird greenish-bluish “tinge”. Can I send someone some pics to see if it’s really the holographic?

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