Revlon: Colorburst Lip Glosses

Revlon Colorburst Lip Glosses

Have you guys seen these being raved about online? I have seen a few reviews about then, and decided that I should give them a go.

Revlon has recently revamped their make up and make up packaging and I can only say that it was a great idea. These glosses look so high-end. Their length, square body, and the argyle tops look great! I picked up three shades of the Colorburst Lip Glosses: Hot Pink, Crystal Lilac, and Strawberry.

Colorburst in Hot Pink

Hot Pink is a bright slightly cool pink. It has silver shimmer running throughout.

Colorburst in Crystal Lilac

Crystal Lilac is light, almost nudely pink with very pretty purple shimmer running throughout.

Colorburst in Strawberry

Strawberry is a poppy red with a little orange in it. It’s warmer red with silver shimmer running throughout.


Paddle shaped wand applicator

The applicator wand on these glosses are different from what we are used to. They are somewhat paddle shaped. Flat on either side so you can put it between your lips and apply the gloss. I will say I like the normal wands  with one somewhat flat tip better for application. I think it’s just easier to spread and apply the gloss. This wand isn’t difficult to use, I just prefer the other shaped wand.

Swatches L to R: Hot Pink, Crystal Lilac and Strawberry

Look at the color delivery on these! They apply very opaque. The color pay off is great. Not to mention, the staying power on your lips is also very good. I gave Strawberry a test run around the house and it lasted 3+ hours. These glosses are also very shiny. They look nice and wet, but aren’t too sticky or heavy feeling on the lips. These glosses have a light scent to them that I wasn’t expecting. I feel like glosses usually have a fruitier and fresh smell, but these are definitely somewhat vanilla and warm smelling.(Sidenote: How good do MAC lip products smell? I’m obsessed with their scent.) The smell doesn’t last very long after application, maybe a few minutes. I didn’t really mind it.

I really like all three shades I purchased. I think Strawberry might be my favorite. Hot Pink will be really nice in the summer, and Crystal Lilac is a pretty, neutral nude with some hidden shimmer. Revlon Colorburst Lip Glosses come in 11 different shades from nudes, like Crystal Lilac, to darker, deeper shades that I’d like to try as well.

I will say I had a harder time finding these. My Target did not carry them, neither did my local grocery store. But they should be available where Revlon products are sold.

Where to Buy: Drugstores / Target / Ulta / $ 7.49

– Liz


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