OPI Katy Perry: Last Friday Night

Last Friday Night

Let’s start off by stating that this glitter is SHEER. I feel as though many polish heads are disappointed in this blue glitter because of this factor. Which, I mean, would make sense if you didn’t use your eyeballs to look at the polish in or on the brush before purchasing it. Or were wrongly deceived by an online purchasing site, or just like your glitters to sparkle loud and bright, etc.

Glowy Last Friday Night

I bought this guy knowing it was going to be sheer and light from promo photos, swatches, and seeing it in person. The sheerness is intentional. I get you, Last Friday Night! I am NOT disappointed in you! I think you’re cool! I am your friend!

The first thing that needs to be said about this polish (aside from its sheerness) is its awesome some what iridescent glow. It’s kind of like having blue, glowy, sparkly, alien fingers. But in a totally NOT weird way. (Also, don’t forget I’m way into The X Files currently and might just want blue alien nails. Don’t hold it against me.)

Last Friday Night glowstick fingers

To be fair, the first coat of this polish is SO sheer. It’s basically a clear coat with glitter. But when you begin to build the color and glitter, you get this jelly, light blue base that sort of looks like it should glow in the dark (but doesn’t of course). I ended up doing four coats of LFN. Which is a lot, I understand. But each layer dried fast, and I liked seeing the color build and am completely satisfied with the finish.

Close Up. Click to Englarge! (Slightly more blue in real life)

The base of this glitter is a very light, pale blue. The glitter pieces within are hexagonal and iridescent. Seeming to also be slightly blue and pink (to me). There is also blue micro glitter packed very well in there. All of the glitter working together creates this sort of abstract mother of pearl affect in the sunlight. I think it’s really cool, different, and pretty. I think this would look really good on darker skin tones because it would appear more blue. And on lighter skin tones this would look extra cool and alien like!

This polish really shifts in low lighting. It looks deeper, and so many different colors come out of it. Blues, greens, and purples. It reflects the light so cool. It’s completely awesome and so pretty.

If you like the idea of this polish but not the effect on its own, you could always use a couple of layers on top of a lighter base. Maybe a light blue or silver. Or a dark blue, dark purple, or blurple. I’d like to try that out soon.

I also think this glitter does work well under the shatter. Since it has this cool glowy thing going on, I like the look of that peering out from under the solid black.

I feel like you’re either going to love this polish or hate it. I love. It might be one of my top 5 favorite polishes.

Where to Buy: Ulta, JCPenny, Trade Secret, Online Retailers / $8.50

Loving Last Friday Night,



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