Smashbox: Bionic Mascara

Smashbox Bionic Mascara

in Jet Black!

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve been feeling the OPI Texas collection for spring. I’m looking forward to the swatches! Anyway, I wanted to show you guys the mascara I have been using for the past month, which is Smashbox Bionic Mascara in Jet Black. It also comes in a color called Indigo Ink, which I have worn and that color is great if you don’t do black or are just looking for something new. I’m kind of a mascara junkie and am always trying new brands looking for the perfect storm of lash wonder. Generally, I’m not a huge fan of drugstore brands, they just never feel nice and don’t wear well for me in general. Some of my favorites are DiorShow, Benefit Bad Gal Lash, and Mac Plush Lash.

Smashbox Bionic Mascara doesn’t have the fat brush that I normally go for, but after wearing it everyday for about a month, I’ve discovered that the brush is just fine and that in just about any case you can work with the brush you’re given… what really matters is the formula. I tried this mascara before I bought it and really liked it. I liked it a lot for the first couple weeks of wearing it. The positives are that it goes on smoothly and it’s easy to maneuver the the grooves of the brush into your lashes to separate and lengthen so the application is pretty nice.

As you can see it gave my lashes a pretty nice length, I think the brush is really nice for that. (Nothing on the bottom lashes in either photo) and there’s no clumpiness or nastiness whatsoever, it’s all very smooth.

My biggest issue with this mascara is the removal and wear. After I remove my make up (including mascara) and wash my face, I still have black all around my eyes, like I never even tried to remove it. It’s such a pain and I end up removing the mascara twice essentially, sometimes even three times: before and after washing my face and sometimes the next morning before I re-apply. I guess its nice that it has real staying power, but when I want it off I mean I want it off. I feel like it’s particularly flakey too: when it doesn’t come off, it stays on my lashes, builds up and then flakes off more blackness. I’ve been trying to use less of it, so I think that is helping, but I’ve never felt I needed to alter my mascara application based on a particular product.

All in all, I’m not super thrilled with this and I don’t think I’ll buy it again although I may consider a different Smashbox formula to give them another shot in the future. I think the Indigo Ink color is really nice (look it up!) and if you like your mascara to really stick it might work out great for you. Also the brush is nice, not too fat, but I wouldn’t call it thin either. It can definitely be the right mascara for others, but maybe not for me.

Where to Buy: Sephora / / $19

Happy weekend!


(also on my eyes in these photos):

Lorac Moonstone Eyeshadow (all over peach shimmer)

Mac Showstopper Eyeshadow (darker brownish-grey-taupe)

L’Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner in Black

Benefit EyeBright


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