Essie: It’s Genius

It's Genius

I got this polish awhile back and hadn’t used it yet. I’ve been on some kind of purple binge lately and guess I wasn’t done yet. For awhile, I was convinced that the name of this polish was, “I’m a Genius” which would have been way cooler. Still wish it was. Laur and I often call Essie polishes by a different name that we make up just for fun.

At first I thought this color was kinda frumpy. It has all the makings to sound pretty good. A plum red base color with gold shimmer. I think it would be a really nice fall color. It’s grown me since I’ve had it on. It’s pretty. It reminds me of Essie Damsel in a Dress, but lighter.

I'm a geniusssss!

I did three coats of this polish. The first one went on a little less opaque and streaky than I would have imaged. But it ended up being even and saturated by the third. I can’t tell if I think the gold shimmer takes away from the polish or not. Or adds to it being a little frumpy in a way. It’s weird, it’s frumpy but not. A ‘Mom polish’ maybe?

Gold shimmer inside

I just wanted to show you guys the gold microshimmer that’s in the polish. There is literally no sunlight out here in Chicago today, just grey and snow. So it wasn’t showing up on my nails in the photos really. I do like this polish, and I think during the fall would be a great time to wear it.

Where to Buy: / Ulta / Online Retailers / $8

It’s almost Friday,




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2 responses to “Essie: It’s Genius

  1. I almost picked this polish up this weekend. I don’t know why I put it down, I love a shimmer! Kind of glad I did though.

    • Isn’t it funny when you do that? Put back something you know you like and can’t remember why? Haha. It’s definitely not a must have, but it has grown on me the past couple days!
      – Liz

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