Nars: Etrusque Eyeshadow

Deep wonderful gold!

Nars’ Etrusque was a much coveted item for me around the holiday season. It is from their Holiday collection 2010 and it is a rich, shimmering gold shadow.

I’ve been wearing this color non stop since I got it. At first I thought it was going to be much darker from the previous gold shadows I have owned. You can see how I would think that from how dark it looks in the packaging. I was surprised to see that when I applied it with a plain, dry brush it was lighter than I had predicted. Not too light that you couldn’t tell it was gold of course. Honestly, I’m not sure if this is good or bad I think I would’ve liked it the same whether it was light gold or dark gold.

The application is great, it’s very soft and looks good with most of my other shadows and I think it could look good by itself on just about everyone. It is lighter than I expected, but that’s not to say that it is by any means light. Nars describes it as “antique gold”, which I think is accurate. I can still tell it’s very gold on my lids and I think that’s important to have when you buy something that you want to be that color, especially for a high price point.

the lighter side of Etrusque

Forgive me, there was no light today whatsoever so it was difficult to get a decent swatch. This is definitely the lighter side of Etrusque and I think it looks much darker on lids than my hand, here. This is just a couple sweeps of the shadow across the back of my hand, but you can definitely see the glimmering gold flecks.

Like I said, I’ve been wearing this a lot. It looks good alone and I usually do it as a main color even if it’s with other shadows. I like pairing it with browns and blues as well. This past week I used a light peach shadow next to the gold and it looked so pretty I’m looking forward to wearing that look again. Etrusque is very versatile!

Where to Buy: / Sephora / $23

Can’t wait to get their new spring stuff!



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