Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow: Sunlit Palm

Sunlit Palm

I’ve eyeballed this shadow before at my local Clinique counter and always really wanted it, but I never pulled the trigger on the purchase until the other day. And now, I can not get enough of it. This shadow is killing it!

People always talk about cream shadows in the relation to creasing. Which I understand, but I feel as though with the right eye primer, cream or not, that problem should be minimal with all shadows. I have oiler skin, so I feel as though my creasing can be more of an issue because of it and my current eye primer (Lorac Behind the Scenes) is not very good. So I really need to purchase a better one so all of my shadows and I can be much happier. But even with my skin and my not so great primer, the creasing on this beauty isn’t so bad!

Easily applied with the wand

This cream shadow is easily applied with the application wand. The shadow itself is also very easily blended. I have been using my fingers to spread the color on my lid after I apply it with the wand. It’s smooth and creamy and I have no problems with just my finger. You can also use your make up brush, but I find it easier with a finger tip. The shadow dries pretty quickly. I use brushes on top of it after a few seconds when it has lost some of its moisture.

Sunlit Palm, so pretty! Click to enlarge! Do it!

This color is gorgeous! I have been wanting a true olive green, and this shadow has everything I wanted. It’s a golden / bronzed olive green with lots of golden shimmer. It’s a good balance of gold and olive green. It’s just a total greek goddess color. I have been pairing this shadow with all kinds of other colors and it’s perfect with everything. It gives great depth without a liner. It looks great on its own on the lid.

It looks beautiful with a pink highlight and a peach cheek for daytime. And with a lavender highlight and dark eggplant purple on the crease it’s to die for. That is my new favorite look. Especially on my hazel eyes. I can’t get enough of it.

I think this shadow is easily wearable with all eye colors. The gold in it would allow it to be pretty on blue eyes paired with brown in the crease, and the olive / green of it allows it to be wonderful for hazel and brown eyes.

I highly recommend this shadow for everyone. It’s probably my new favorite shadow. Even if you’re a cream hater, go try it out at your local Clinique counter.

Where to Buy: / Clinique counters / Sephora / $14.50 (.17 FL OZ)

Go Hawks!

– Liz


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