Zoya: Dannii


I’m gunna be honest, Zoya is getting an A+ so far with these Spring ’11 polishes. I have loved every single one, and Dannii is no exception. Though, I have to say the way they spelled Dannii is not earning any points with me.

I was really interested in this polish. I was drawn to how it was bright, sparkley, and not too dark. It’s the perfect spring time color.

Application on this polish was really good. To be safe I did 3 coats, which I ended up denting and was not so happy about, but I think I would have been fine with 2 because the first coat went on pretty opaque.

A Perfect Springtime Purple

Dannii seems like a medium toned orchid purple. It has a lot of depth and interest for a color not being too dark. The silver shimmer in it really brightens it up. It’s really pretty, yet poppy and fun. And is in tune with a lot of the purple spring make up trends for this season. Even though the combination of purple and silver doesn’t sound to make a really awesome polish, I love the Zoya Sparkles finish, and I own nothing else like this pretty purple. I love it.

I FINALLY got my paws on some Katy Perry OPI’s last night! I have literally been stalking Ulta (my despise for Ulta has grown to the point where I will soon avoid it at all costs) and they haven’t gotten them yet. And they treat me like an idiot for asking if they do have them. Though, I went to JCPenny’s last night and they had them. Take that, Ulta!

Since I picked up Teenage Dream I have been eyeballing it next to Dannii and it would be a super fun, SUPER girly mani combo that I might have to go off the deep end and wear…

Dannii / Teenage Dream. Girliest nail combo!

Where to Buy: Zoya.com / $7

Happy Friday! My widget on my computer reads a wonderful 1 DEGREE right now. I plan on staying in today and finishing season 2 of The Wire. Anyone have any plans for the weekend? Stalking down any new polishes? I still need to find the Biebs polishes!

– Liz


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