Zoya: Gemma

Gimme Gemma

I wished really hard that the sun would come out this morning for this post. However, it did not. It is nice and grey and miserable outside. I know I should blog this for you guys when it’s sunny so you could really see what this polish is all about, but I’m going to assume you have probably seen some swatches and photos of this in the sun already.

Gemma is like a tall, dark, handsome mysterious man who you keep staring at but can’t really get a look at their face. From the promo pictures, I couldn’t get a real sense of what the base color of Gemma was. I could just tell it was green, which caused an immediate want for me.

Gemma next to my beloved Shawn

As you can see, the base color is very muted and greyed out. The color on its own is very pretty. It’s subtle, yet interesting. I would totally love it as a wall color. Indoors this is the color that you get from the polish. You don’t see the mystery that lies within.



I used two coats for this manicure. Although, I think three might be the magic number because it doesn’t seem finished. The application was great.

Now you’re saying, “Okay, Liz. We get it. Gemma is a cool neutral. Whatever. But where’s the blue microshimmer??!!” And since there was no sun for the Chicagoland area today, this is what I have to offer and I apologize.

I swear it's in there and awesome! Click to enlarge

See it in the bottle? Click to enlarge

Regardless of my slightly inadequate swatches and photos (blame the month of January not me), Gemma is a complete must have for the Spring 2011 collections.  The microshimmer is awesome in the sunlight and is noticeable in a bright indoors space. It’s something totally different, and you will love wearing it. I read some talk of people not being excited for this collection, but when I saw it I knew I would love it. The colors seemed interesting, not boring. Isn’t that what Zoya is all about?

Where to Buy: Zoya.com / $7

Have you gotten any spring Zoya’s? Are you enjoying them?

– Liz



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2 responses to “Zoya: Gemma

  1. Interesting comparison! For me the color is reminiscent of something spring-y and edible, fresh shoots of some sort. I want to eat it!
    And the fact that the color looks so different in each picture is very promising, I love a polish with many different aspects to it. I think the collection as a whole is very well put together.

    As soon as this collection hit eBay, I pounced!

  2. Very springy! I just wanted everyone to see how light it was and the hue of the polish. For me it was sort of hard to gauge the base color on different people’s skintone and such.
    You’re going to love it!
    – Liz

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