OPI: Blushingham Palace

Blushingham Palace pretty pink!

Hi everyone! Here to start of the week I have OPI’s Blushingham Palace from the British collection in 2003. This is kind of a muted pink and a very wearable pink. I don’t think it’s too prissy, it could almost work as a neutral.

My favorite part about Blushingham Palace is the shimmer that comes out in the sunlight. At first I thought it was just gold metallic shimmer, which is the impression you get from the bottle, but when I was counting the different colors today I realized it’s a rainbow shimmer, which makes it all the more special. Personally, I still get a lot of gold from it, at least on me, but I’m sure you’ll see it too from the bottle:

Golden orange tones from the bottle

I really love how this polish looks in the bottle, I think it’s so pretty. I think this color would look good on just about everyone, especially very dark skin or very light skin. Last night my hands were a little dry and red and chapped and that’s when I looked at this and said “UGH” because the sherbert pink color really didn’t work with red. Today when my hands were looking exceptionally pale, it looked really pretty though.

With flash!

Here’s a pic with the flash to show you all how shimmery it is! Enough about the color though, I think I covered all the bases. I didn’t have any application problems with this, it went on very nicely although the first coat can look very sheer and you can still see VNL. I only used 2 coats here, although I did think about 3. After 2 coats the VNL was gone and the color was nice and rich.

The wear on this wasn’t great for me for some reason. I couldn’t even get it to last 24 hours, it started chipping this afternoon. I think it may have been something I did though because I don’t remember that problem from wearing it previously.

All in all, I think this is a nice pink that will work for most ladies, even if you don’t normally do pink.

Where to buy: Ulta stores /JC Penney / Your friendly neighborhood spa and salon / $8.50

(I see it on Amazon.com for around $5 right now!)

Happy MLK Jr. Day,



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