Zoya: Jules

Foily, shimmery goodness

Not going to lie, I was totally stalking my mailbox today because I had a feeling my Zoya Spring order was going to come. And I am very excited that it did!

Even though I am excited for all of these polishes, I decided to paint the one I was least excited about because I have a lot of things to do tomorrow and figured there is a high risk of chipping involved. Sorry to tell you that, Jules.

Zoya Jules

Jules is a shimmery golden, silver Zoya sparkle that screamed “light and refreshing” to me. It sort of seems like a wintery polish, but I don’t own anything like this. It’s interesting because it sort of has a taupe tinge to it. It’s not a typical champagney gold polish. It has more silver / brown in it to me that yellow or gold. The application and formula was consistent with what we except from Zoya. Two coats and I had full coverage and opaqueness. Jules is a sophisticated yet fun color to me. Perfect for the weekend!

Where to Buy: Zoya.com / $7

– Liz



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4 responses to “Zoya: Jules

  1. This one, along with Dove and of course, Gemma, look really really tempting…
    I especially like your bottle pic, it brings out the warmth of the colour. Thank you!

  2. i just got the intimate tray, and when i saw “Jules” I knew it was made for me, because its VERY similar to my fav nailpolish, Chanel Holiday 2008’s Kaleidoscope.
    I will be picking this up, probably even a couple of bottles 😉

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