Benefit Velvet Eye Shadows in Buns & Mermaid

Pretty Eye Shadows!

My eyes have a few different colors in them. I classify them as hazel, however I could see someone saying, “oh, they are brown.” But then I can hear myself yelling in my head, “They aren’t just BROWN. There’s amber and green in there too!” Which there are, and it seems obvious when you’re looking me in the eye, but you know, some people aren’t perceptive or pay attention to things like that.

This being said, I like to wear a lot of different eye colors. And most of the time, I like to keep them on the lighter side (and I prefer shimmers to matte shadows) but I still play with color. I wear pink and purple often and even red to play up the yellow / amber in my eye (Coppering by MAC is awesome for this). I also like light blues and darker blues (Clinique Peacock is one of my favorites).

Anyway, back to Benefit…these shadows aren’t super unique colors, but as mentioned I love a pink shadow and have been wanting to try some Benefit eye shadows, so I got these two during their online sale for half price to give them a go!

The packaging on both of these shadows is really sturdy and secure. The birds on all the shadow tops is a cute touch. Overall, Benefit’s fun and flashy retro packaging is a hit for me.

Benefit Buns. Click to enlarge for a better peek!

Buns is a pretty shimmery light pink shadow that reminds me of summer.  It has a hint of brown in it, so it’s not too bright. I always think this type of pink would work on almost everyone. Darker blue eyes, hazel, and dark brown eyes. It even looks pretty on without a highlight. Just a sweep on your lid and you’re good to go. The fallout on this shadow wasn’t bad at all, however I did have a primer on.

Mermaid. Click to enlarge for a better peek!

Mermaid is pretty green with golden shimmer. Again, no problem with fallout with a primer. This color would be a little more difficult to wear on a range of eye colors. I think it would be easier to wear on brown or hazel eyes. But I would love the contrast on porcelain skin and I think it would compliment darker skin really well.


The texture on this shadows is SO nice. They are smooth and silky, like you would expect from their name  of “Velvet Eye Shadows”. They aren’t gritty at all, they feel like a cozy blanket. I also think the pigmentation on these is good. Buns is a light pink shadow, so it’s not going to jump out at you on my skin tone. But it looks lovely on the eyelid and compliments my eyes really well. Mermaid is brighter, as you can see, and also well pigmented yet a softer color. It’s not too bright on the skin and is still easily wearable.

I realize these colors were on sale and probably aren’t going to be available any longer, but I still wanted to post about these because they still have Velvet Eye Shadows to buy, just in different colors. So I figured this would still be helpful for anyone that was interested in the line.

Where To Buy: Benefit products are available at / Sephora / Ulta / $18

& Mermaid is still available on sale at / $9 !

Are you enjoying any Benefit shadows? Have you been eyeballing any Benefit products? Or did you find anything during their sale that you snatched up to try?

As mentioned, I wear almost any eye color I think is pretty or I’m drawn to. I don’t think you have to go by the magically set rules of “blue eyes should wear brown” and things like that. Of course there are color combinations that allow for colors to come out more or to compliment, but that doesn’t have to be the only thing you wear.

If you apply your make up well, blend your colors well, and use a good product I think your eye make up will usually come out fine. If you’re nervous about colors like this, you could always do your highlight, put a neutral on your lid, like brown, and put a nice green or blue in the crease for something different. I’m just saying don’t be scared! If you like make up, why not try new things out?

– Liz


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