OPI: Off With Her Red!

Off With Her Red

What a frenzy these Alice In Wonderland polishes caused. It was like life or death. Which is sort of the reason why I picked up this guy when I found it in a clearance bin the other day for $3. Lauren and I went on many serious missions that lead to heartbreak when we wouldn’t find Mad as a Hatter or Absolutely Alice. Eventually we got what we needed and didn’t self destruct.

Oh, and I like that whenever I am thinking about this polish the voice of Helen Boham Carter sounds off in my head yelling, “Off with her head!”

Off With Her Red

The formula and application on this polish was crazy good. It applied itself like butter, and I swear it could have been a one coater if I wasn’t a sloppy painter. I did do two for good measure and to get any spots I missed while being occupied with the Blackhawks game that was on last night while I was doing my nails. This color isn’t very unique, but if you really enjoy red polishes I would suggest it. It’s darker and different.

Comparison of Reds

I did notice that this red looks more blue based on me and in these photos than it actually is. I am as pale as the snow outside currently (which I don’t actually mind) so I think that’s causing the color lean. This red is more orange and not too bright, which I appreciate a lot because I don’t like when my red polish yells at me. So since I couldn’t swatch a comparison since my nails are done, I wanted to show you the difference in the bottles between Borghese’s Red, which is bright and blue based and this more subtle orange based Off With Her Red.

Where To Buy: Online retailers such as Amazon.com / $3

Many of the blogs I used to frequent have stopped updating often so I was wondering if any of you guys have any new recommendations for me to stop by, check out, and read. I like to find new, cool blogs and would love some suggestions of what ones you’ve been enjoying. Thanks!

Also, I got my Benefit order of a couple of eye shadows I purchased during their sale that I will show you guys tomorrow!

– Liz

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