Burt’s Bees: Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatment

Avocado Butter smells yummy

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t had any new polishes for you in awhile. To be honest, my nails and cuticles look like absolute rubbish and I just can’t bare to force you to look at pictures of how awful they look. I’ve been letting my nails recuperate.

Instead, I have a hair product that I’ve been using for a couple weeks now. I had been coveting it because I read reviews that it helped with dry/itchy scalp so that’s what I initially got it for. I ended up finding it at Ulta, it wasn’t usually available at other places I went to for Burt’s Bees stuff like CVS and Target.

The directions for this say: Wet your hair and massage about 1 tbsp. of the product into your scalp and through hair then run a wide-toothed comb through your hair. Wait 15 min or more, rinse and shampoo as usual.

Avocado gel...appetizing, huh?

The first thing you notice about the product is that it smells DELICIOUS. Seriously… it’s really sweet and tropical/citrus smelling and is a really nice addition to my shower smells, haha. So after I want to eat it, I put it in my hair. Its kind of irritating to me that I have to wet my hair completely and then put it in, but once you’re over that hump it’s all easy. It’s easy to work the gel into your hands and then all through your hair it’s not solid or chunky or anything like that, the texture is nice.

The directions say you can use this daily, when I first got it I had been using it every time I washed my hair, which is basically every other day. I’ve decided that the more frequently you use it, the better it feels. I don’t really have an extra 15 min. in the morning during the week (ya know what I’m sayin?) so now that I’m not on vacation, I have only used this once a week, on Saturdays. My hair feels wonderful and soft and less dry the day of use, but the next day it pretty much feels back to normal. I do wish you could use this product less frequently and have the results last longer.

My only drawbacks for this are having to wet your hair completely before using the product (if you take especially long showers anyway, it may not be a huge issue) and the use to results ratio. The positive aspects are that it smells great, it does make your hair feel really nice, and it’s inexpensive.

Where To Buy: BurtsBees.com / Drugstore.com / Target (some locations) / Ulta (some locations) / $9




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3 responses to “Burt’s Bees: Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatment

  1. Oh thanks for this review! I use Burts Bees shampoo in an effort to put less chemicals in my hair and I always wanted to try this product- I definitely will now!

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