Barielle: Snow Day NOTD

Snow Day

Luckily, it hasn’t snowed in a few days here. This is another one of the Barielle Holiday Hustler polishes I picked up recently. Isn’t the blue color really pretty? I think Snow Day is the perfect name for this color. And I love blues of this hue. This polish is more light blue / brighter blue in real life, just as an FYI. Laur said it looks very grey in these photos, which it does and it does have silver / grey in it, but it is a light, icy blue.

Snow Day

The application and formula on this bad boy was pretty good. The first coat was actually much sheerer than I would expect from a frosty metallic finish like this one.  But after a nice, slightly thicker second coat it filled out and fully covered my nails. Speaking of the finish, I could see some people not liking the “frosty” part of this color, but I think it works for wintery and a snowy theme. This finish actually reminded me a lot of the finish on Chanel Black Pearl.

Snow Day

I also like how this color isn’t too silver within the blue. It has a nice balance. But on the nail, the shimmer is very hard to see because of the finish. It doesn’t really show up on the nail much unless you’re in the sunlight. Then it’s really pretty. I think this polish would look really good on very pale, porcelain skin. It would be extra icy looking then!

– Liz



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2 responses to “Barielle: Snow Day NOTD

  1. Oh it is beautiful! I don’t own any silvers, so I’ll have to put that on the list!

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